Thursday, December 7, 2006

Can't Live Without You

I Keep Looking In All The Places,
Where You Are Supposed To Be.
But I Never Seem To Find You,
And You're All I Long To See.
I Just Can't Seem To Understand,
What It Was That Changed Your Mind.
All This Time I Thought I Knew You,
When Really, I Was Blind.
But Know That I Do Not Hate You,
And I Know I Never Will.
Because I Cared About You Then,
And I Care About You Still.
Even Though You Hurt Me,
I Can't Seem To Let You Go.
But I Will Go On Without You,
And I Want To Make Sure You Know.
It Will Take Some Time To Mend,
The Damage That You've Done.
But Broken Hearts Do Heal,
That's Where Strength Comes From.
For Now, The Tears May Be Falling,
And My Thoughts Keep Circling To You.
But Soon, Things Will Get Better,
If You Have Hope, Then They Always Do.
something I wrote in the past for my ex A song I wrote for her in the past, please follow the link.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can I Live Without You?

Can I wake up tomorrow
And not dream of yesterday
Can I sleep at night without
Remembering what you used to say

Can I wake up every morning
And still know how to breathe
Can I carry on with my life
Forgetting that you’re all I need

Can I stop looking at the clock
At the times you used to call
Can I go to our usual spots
And not think of you at all

Can I look up at the stars
And not wonder where you are
Can I not expect to see you
Knowing you are too far

Can I lay down in my bed
And not wish that you were here
Can I listen to our songs
And not shed a single tear

Can I go through the day
And not feel your touch
Can I drive in my car
And not miss you so much

Can I forget what my heart says
And not love you forever
Can I live my life without you
Knowing we will never be together

Can I let you walk out of my life
Knowing we never got our chance
Can I ever be strong enough
And not wait for our last dance

I know that I can live without you
I just don’t want to try
I never wanted you to leave
Do you have to say goodbye
thanks S, to this day, the trace of you remains within..
A song I wrote for her but remained unfinished
Another poem I wrote for her

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Another Day Without You

Soon the dawn 'll be breaking
And the sun will shine us thru
Another day of loneliness
Another day without you

Evening when the sun goes down
And the night closes in
Another night of emptiness
Another night without you

Em Am

I'll cry myself to sleep again
Its springtime once again now
The birds have come back to stay
Tomorrow for me will only be
Another lonely day
A song I wrote for my only S. Still to be completed to this day.
A poem I wrote for her. Similar poem.