Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Eddie: i first used 'eddie' was on the 3rd day of koleq. up until now, i still feel uncomfy people calling me edwin. reason? well, i just dont think id live up to that name. its way up there and im still down here. maybe someday i will.

i always add/change name(s) of my buds (or change them to different name). some e.g.;
izrin - kujerin isniiin : no good reason.
faqroul - farouq dogo : he looks matured but actually not.
iqhbal naeem - iqh bal antum kaw mum musrifun, hunafa awayuki mussala tawayuk tuz zaka tu fa i'lun. : the longest added name. part of ya-sin (i think)
fadli - fadli sang skill : give him anything, he'd do everything
neo - neorlan : no good reason
totoq - tuntoQ : totoq + tuntong
mior helmi - mior modak : no explaination
dzuf - dzuffyy : bg lengkok skit
pyan - pyantat : because he's an ass! hehe.
cooper - cooper ku lari gagah berani : he's a cross breed horse-human
toyon - noyot : in return he calls me EPWIN
noune - moq moq : double fatness, in return he calls me moq chik, small n fat.
mache - moq two : second gemok after noune. not gemok anymore
irfan hashim - cipet : he's mean
yanie tkc9600 - yanie H(ebat) : she can diagnose thru ym. hebat2
mizut tkc9600 - mixot : different spelling. appeal kn skit.
izni tkc9903 - inzi : inzi sounds better. it fits her.
asni tkc9600 - seni. i dont know what people call here
david lee - david lee taikotai : taikotai means handphone. we had the same phone in foundations dulu2
jason lee - jason le hai pinto, le cho met ye : hes a lunatic. lets stick to that.
ken liang - moko : means abg bulu in canto. the hairiest chinese i know
chok yew - chok yew ngo si fat han : means im horny
aiman - superMAN : adik air. he's the msian superman. MAN pronounce as MAAN.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Esprit: In Memory

"you'll never know the value, until you lost it!"

Glasses I had and lost (no more 'chicken-shopping')

  1. Ralph Lauren (washing machine and left in a restaurant, kemaman) 150-150, RM1700-uk
  2. Burberry (left in petronas toilet) 125-125, RM930-england optical
  3. Christian Dior (lost on rugby field) 150-150, RM750-wangsa maju
  4. Tommy Hilfiger (lost in a friends car) 100-100, RM450-england optical
  5. Esprit (either bunga raya, jalan ampang or jelatek) 75-75, RM810-ampang park
  6. Oakley Canteen (left on the bus), RM450-internet
  1. Overall - Esprit. Looks, feel and comfortableness. As if it was customized for me.
  2. Toughness - Ralph Lauren. Survived washing machine cycle, scratchless. Thanks to titanium+tungsten
  3. Style - Tommy Hilfiger. Looks good but a bit too loose.
  4. Comfort - Esprit. Fantastic feel and light weight too
  5. Worst - Burberry. The lousiest glass ever. cant pray using them, theyd fall off.
Clumsiness is not a decease, its a curse! Next stop would be D&G... maybe not. i miss my esprit =(

Monday, April 16, 2007

Preparation for OBW

3 best-est bud will be riding with me back to our beloved 3rd hometown (after rumah sendiri & kg), Kuala Kangsar. we have agreed to sing along all the way back. other than singing lagu cheering koleq and lagu patriotik, ive decided to compile 2 CDs. 1st consist of rock kapak. 2nd koleq life (English) songs.

Rock Kapak Playlist
  1. Lefthanded - Tiada lg Kidungmu
  2. XPDC - Aku Masih Di sini
  3. Search - Tiada Lagi
  4. Black Dog Bone - Khayalan
  5. Carefree - Belaian Jiwa
  6. May - Cintamu Mekar di Hati
  7. Teachers Pet - Warisan Wanita
  8. KRU - Apa Saja
  9. Manbai - Ilhamku
English Koleq Life Playlist
  1. MLTR - 25 minutes
  2. Britney - From the Bottom
  3. Butterfingers - Girl Friday
  4. Westlife - Flying Without Wings
  5. Vertical Horizon - Best I Had
  6. Matchbox 20 - Push
  7. Bonjovi - Thank You
  8. Creed - Higher
  9. BSB - ??
subject to approval . izrin, fAdLi, fQrL please gimme some input.

i want to play rugby that weekend, Above 35 vs U15. (lets be real, no 35 year old can catch 15 year old). i hope they havent formed a team yet.

Food - this is among the reason we missed kuale.
Friday night - dinner at karok or mane2 yg bukak
Sat Morn - YL
Sat Afternoon - Kawkee
Sat Night - Koleq
Sat Night - minum2, somewhere la. mesti kene tarik jr 2-3 ekor
Sun Morning - saudah
Sun Afternoon - cendol & mee rebus

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 (New Site)

Ok, i know what youre thinking. I have nothing better to do. (yeah right, if you know whats pilling me..hmm just like any other work. makin bertimbum). anyway, i started a new site,

well, this site focuses on all aspect of religion. the intended audience are teens and young-professional-busy-adults. contents are edited to give you a mild feel of religion. its quite typical to find an Islamic web filled/ flooded with information that sometimes you doubt the authenticity, origin, and sometimes can be too much to digest. this drives people away especially a mild reader like myself. is different. i personally went through the details, did my research, google-ing here there, cut & paste and writeup to give you a light-contentful-original article. my reference are Quran, Hadiths, Sunnahs and muslim scholars' article. if you like the idea, help me contribute articles. or least spread the words around. : because we need to be reminded!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

1st of April and Im Still a Fool

2001, i confessed to a girl. she has eyes that could take all my air supply and she was still on braces ;) nevertheless, every thought of her, would drive me up the wall, hence a FOOL. (i still feel the same way)

2002, we became one. it was the happiest day in my life. every single victory is incomparable to what i achieved that day. be it sports, academic, life or anything. and im still a FOOL, because up to this day, i could never top that up.

2003, was our first anniversary. we had our fight and we yelled. i was a FOOL to do such things to my better-beloved-half.

2004, second anniversary. i poured my love enough to cover every single tarmac on this planet. i could never love anyone more than this. and i was a FOOL to love a girl more than my mom.

2005, 6 months since we broke up. i was upset, i blew all my savings (for our marriage, >RM20k) on alcohol. i was a party animal. i lost myself completely. i lost faith in God. and i thought God has forsaken me. i was a FOOL.

2006, i had a girl friend. her dad hated me, probably racial hatred. i was a little happier. but i was a FOOL, to think a gf (now an ex) could replace what ive lost.

2007, 2 years and a half past since the saddest day in my life. i am a FOOL to know shes out there happily living her life, while i kept reminiscing about the past. at least i know, He heard & granted my solely prayer for her to be happy (with or without me). she deserted and totally cut me off her life. has she forgotten that i taught her how wonderful chicken, chocolate etc tastes like? forgotten that her trademark smile was actually mine? forgotten that i brought her the finest foods during her panic-attack-no-appetite-exam-week so she would eat? forgotten i did her homework and scored A's? forgotten she asked (and i gave) 6 packs for her birthday? i guess she did.

no matter what i become in the future, please remember dear, i will continue living, only because i want to see you happy until the moment you completely shut your eyes. and for you, id be a FOOL anytime and anywhere. and for all the things ive done, im sorry. i was a FOOL, always will be. (and this is no April Fool post)

verily, with the hardship, there is relief. as-Shrah:6