Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can I Live Without You?

Can I wake up tomorrow
And not dream of yesterday
Can I sleep at night without
Remembering what you used to say

Can I wake up every morning
And still know how to breathe
Can I carry on with my life
Forgetting that you’re all I need

Can I stop looking at the clock
At the times you used to call
Can I go to our usual spots
And not think of you at all

Can I look up at the stars
And not wonder where you are
Can I not expect to see you
Knowing you are too far

Can I lay down in my bed
And not wish that you were here
Can I listen to our songs
And not shed a single tear

Can I go through the day
And not feel your touch
Can I drive in my car
And not miss you so much

Can I forget what my heart says
And not love you forever
Can I live my life without you
Knowing we will never be together

Can I let you walk out of my life
Knowing we never got our chance
Can I ever be strong enough
And not wait for our last dance

I know that I can live without you
I just don’t want to try
I never wanted you to leave
Do you have to say goodbye
thanks S, to this day, the trace of you remains within..
A song I wrote for her but remained unfinished
Another poem I wrote for her

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