Tuesday, February 27, 2007

MCOBA Futsal Pics

discussing how to play in the final. both class of 2000 went into the final plate category. so how shall we play?

eddie: yoga, to meditate the inner soul! look at those flabby tummy.. burger pon sedap tu

my team (without anip). from left sitting, usop tajul, skis suhaimee, eddie masripan; standing, majid, din darus and mulder rosli.

100 plus sponsored by exxonmobil! how is that huh? thanks for the drink izrin.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

champ!... plate

our crave for winning mcoba futsal ended today, as our team emerged as champions of plate category. though its in a loser's pool, we still shine brighter amongst the loser!

our path was the hardest compared to other 9600 teams. we were last in grouping stage. beat f5 91 in quater, f5 94 in semi and batch-mate in the final. i have to admit, final was the worst game thru out the tournament.

my serious comments about our game:
majid, goalie - you were really rushing us for counter attack.
usop tajul, central defender - you didnt want to risk the ball and cleared out like padang C style.
din, playmaker - youre stressed out today. youre too soft. try je rembat.
anip, wing - your pace was slightly different than ours.
mulder, stricker - clumsy footing, but hey, you scored. youre 50% short of everything today.
skis, universal - damn youre heavy dude. but the footwork, mmg worldclass
me, universal - lazy and unfit for counter attack. slow and lose concentration. handling needs to improve.

overall - we're 50-60% of our usual performance today. i wonder howd it be if it was like our normal futsal session. we could have gone further. also, we lack strength and tactic2 kotor. we were too clean.

regardless of anything. im honored to have your cooperation, effort and being part of the team. thank you for having faith amongst yourselves. i really enjoyed myself today.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ive been TAGGED, 6 Weird Things

i dont remember exactly what fizzy wrote in my comment box, but ill take it as a 'things', not habit or hobby.

1) when i was a kid, i was amazed on how tree could grow larger by the day. so i planted my caterpillar bull dozer toy, in hope itll grow. it didnt! (duh!) i think its still there in rantau petronas kerteh. even planted a matchbox ferrari you know..

2) i hate smoking and yet i still do. i know what harm it brings, but i still do. mom told me to quit, but i still do. friends gave up on me quitting, lagi laa smoking.

3) when discussing relationship issues (friction laa ni), i usually draw a mind map. so i could comprehend after wards and really say sorry when i actually know what am i supposed to be sorry for. also helps the fighting process by aligning topics one-after-another and not just hop around like org gila. it sounds stupid, but it works. now you can draw the middle line PROPERLY. i discovered this method when i read a hadith, 4 signs of munafik, one of them was, "when they fought (or miscommunication), they never hold back."

4) words could form into numbers: numbers could form into a picture: a picture can form my imagination: imagination turns to words. such encoding and decoding for such a simple process. pretty sick eh? thats just how my brain works.

5) never talk about food when chatting with me. i crave easily for food, esp in the middle of the night. sorry yanie, salu marah ko.. tp aku gak tanye ko masak ape kan?

6) i planned a bank robbery when i was 5 (or 6). but the plan never took off as we (my bro & i) only had a bicycle and a tricycle as our getaway car. surprisingly, i still have the plan in my head.

thats embarrassing. now the baton must be passed on,
1) fizzy - ill hit you back.
2) anem - i like your writing.
3) em.. sape lg nak willingly volunteer?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Getting Over Forever

Nageb once quote me this "eddie, ko buang je sume bende yg related to her". no way. its tough. i kept telling myself.

then Izrin "youre an egoist, swallow it!".. its easier said than done.

these past few days i had a sonorous voice playing in my head, saying that i still love her. the more i think about it, the more turbid i become. theres no easier way for me to step out of this impregnable fortress ??!!

i shall take this as a challenge from God. if i dream to be greater, i have to overcome this.

but for now, lets just roll with my goooodest buds, play rugby with my heart out, tackle corners with joy and earn as if there's no tomorrow. most docs are graduating next year (my batch), theyre definitely my beau ideal ;)

ps: no pics for cny

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fqrl Admission

fqrl - illhearted dengue.

we all know youre desperate, you dont really have to show us the 'V' sign. so hows the continental life at gleneagle? sampai mistaken pulut kuning with scramble eggs.

jenny, we wish you well. (dh kuar hospital pon by the time i blog this)

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the Grand Engagement

ameba's engagement party.

look at these faces, 2 are not available (ngb & ameba), the rest are hopelessly single.

question asked: when is your turn?
"im just keeping my options open" - mulder
"there will come a time, not now" - izrin
"ill probably be the last in batch to get married" - iqhbal
"..." - fadli
"its all about mutual understanding" - fqrl
"dont look at me.." - dzuf
"i dont have the 'feelings' required.." - pyan
"will you help me look for one?" - eddie

what ever the reason is, im so glad you're all are my bestest buds.

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Friday, February 2, 2007

Akmal Admitted (2nd Time)

The case is hiatal hernia, thanks to yanie yazid who diagnose sesenang a-b-c.

hospitals are boring, akmal stayed for 7 good days. everyday he would call and ask me for hypertune mag. unfortunately for him, there isn't any news stand around my area & office is selling that mag. anyway, i jumped into baizura's wagon and reached there about 7pm. (thank God its still open for visitors).

akmal, may God bless you with pink of health, although id like to add, you look good in baju banduan.

in pic (akmal, akmal-me, shikin-baizura-akmal) they're my cousins.
akmal - mech eng, shikin - medic, baizura - pharmacy
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