Thursday, December 13, 2007

Last Post Here

horray, I've moved to;

I will NOT delete any entry from this blog, it will serve as a SEO tool for me.

My attempt at is completely different than what I write in here. Ive grown and become mature (hopefully!), wise (yeah-right?) and phasing out emo (thank goodness!).

Come on people, lets move out from

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

People Under the Sun

Im so sorry that I will no longer be blogging. This is due to work stress that I have to put up every sleepless nights. As a token of appreciation, I have compiled and rekindled the idea of noktahhitam. You can check out,

Do you understand the joke? No? Are you running pentium II MMX 256MHz?

Notice : I have moved to! I will be kicking ass(es) every possible way.

PS : The site is not ready yet, so please dont bother.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

EEEPC, PC Fair is Coming

 yeah, it'll be held at KLCC starting 7th. i want this SHIT! its called, eee pc.

i hate crowded places, pasar malam and cinemas are no exception. but this time, im really looking forward get the retarded eeepc. i guess you'll see me beating an old lady to get one of this.

price? its RM1,300. it has USB, wifi, webcam, speaker, full keyboard, 7" screen and 0.92kg. its a no brainer deal. its a VERY basic computer.

im now weighing my options, mobile or eeepc. get both? i can almost imagine, pulling out this thing for a slide presentation, blogging while tailgating an evo7 or lie to tokwan, that this is actually an alarm clock.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Eddie for PM?

some mails are just fun to read. this one is no different. so im posting it here, well, part of it.

"I like your view on the current government issues and how you'd tackle the problem. I think if you venture into politics you'd be great. Its NOT A SURPRISE if you have the PM's chair one day."
-i'd take that as an insult.

there's a lot of talented people out there but im not shy to admit that i am one of them (haha). there's obviously someone better. i know my koleq friends wouldnt trust me. that alone is enough to convinced im not suited for the role.

im open, liberal and direct. i dont want to be the next mustapha kamal attarturk

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ali Setan~

"aku masuk uni sebab ali setan"

a friend of mine quoted this. anyway, its quite a surprise to find the full Ali Setan movie on youtube. enjoy-lah dikala sepi di malam hari.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cyber Monday Blues

i havent gotten a good rest since Saturday to Monday. Im just being me, a cyber vampire.

how do you like waking up to monday?
how do you like facing unread emails that came over the weekend?
how do you like to beat the traffic?

today, life is easy. no traffic. no hassle. no new email. then i realized its school holiday! no wonder kids are everywhere. my younger brother woke up and challenged me to a winning-eleven match. seconds later, i found my PS2 toggle stick broken. kids these days dont really appreciate the luxury they had.

what am i mumbling about? its a cyber monday. commute time baby. oh yeah, this is test post.

thanks ;)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Why Did You Quit Your Daily Job?

i went back kampung to attend a family wedding. it was tok su's daugther getting married. at the peek of the wedding, i found myself sitting in the corner with Tok Wan.

TokWan : awat hang berhenti gheja?
eddie : sy nak pikir tentang mase depan saya.
TokWan : hang nak pikir apa? pak hang suruh hang jd engineer, hang jadi je la. kalau petani sekali pon, jadi lah jugak.
eddie : mcm mane kalau saye tanak jd engineer?
TokWan : yg hang bodo pi belajaq sampai kt 'london' tu buat apa? hang ni, nak kata bodo, pandai la jugak.
eddie : sebab pandaila kite pikir.
TokWan : hang patut jadi petani.
eddie : awat?
TokWan : supaya hang tak pandai jawab.

TokWan, you are one funny guy.