Thursday, July 26, 2007

I hate J Drama!!

but i still watch them.

Proposal Daisakusen was the first J-drama i watched in years. seriously, i dont like it. but i finished the episode in 1 night. thanks to boy, who brought back his entire collection of J-drama (2007), i am now constantly staying up to watch these episode. what about my work? tertangguh la.

All this K-drama & J-drama, they leave you with a big black hole in your heart. not to mentioned, watery eyes, sudden excitement, the stupid-funny jokes and girls! urghh.. im so upset with these people behind melodrama.

i hate it, but i like it. i like it but i hate it.. which will it be?

Friday, July 20, 2007

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be an Architect

but instead, i became and engineer.

i was 6 when i told dad i wanted to become an architect. it was rather silly, all the kids at the playground wanted to be an army, firefighter and police. i firmly believe they wanted the 'action' more than the job itself. i was a laughing stock but i couldnt careless. i had boy to play around with. we climbed any tree we see, chased every dog in the neighborhood and disassemble-reassemble our bikes (missing screws and nuts are common, we had spares).

today, i am an architect, a web architect. i spent most of my undergrad days to study internet programming than doing my engineering coursework. and its slowly paying off. my only regret was not to start this sooner. i enjoy what im doing from day to day. work is pilling like crap. but i love it!

boy is coming back on saturday from german. i hope he brings me a truck load of ritter & belgian chocs~ yum. it'd be fun to have him around for a month or two. God only knows, how much i missed my younger bros ;)

ps: to aboon, wey, apesal ko tak reply sms aku? aku tanye ko bile ko take off, ko tak reply. aku igtkn ko fly on 14th july. darn it. nak mintak maaf, aku rase mcm aku tak bersalah kt sini. ko laa salah, tak on mobile ko. ciss..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a Glimpse from the Past

Mar84, i was about 6 months old. kecik2 dh punk rock.

masripan bck121. any senior officers at exxonmobil would remember my dad as bck121 red alfa romeo. very classic car. i could still remember,'abah, lompatlah!'. dad speeds up and jumped the hilly road. 'buat lagi!'. 'ok', dad replied. now you know why i drive like anjing laut.

trip to singapore. on cable car. i wanted an ice cream but mom decided not to buy 1 for me, hence the facial expression.

who's the naughty boy? "jgn conteng dinding!", mom told me. but didnt mention about the floor. i scribbled on the floor, tracing the joint tile on the marble floor. there was of course a picture of a house, stickman family, flower and the sun. would you tie your son or spank them?

selamat hari raye. sorry ma. im an ass (still am..?)

this picture was taken during a hockey tournament in ipoh, 1997. we reached the quarter finals. i enjoyed hockey but i decided no to stay with the team and moved on to rugby and athletic. i was never good at hockey anyway.

behold stick 'khayalan'. it was the florescent orange wrapped around the stick that eluded the goalie. we won 9-0 against our junior (we were f2). i scored 7.

this was taken by hideo minamizawa(?). 100m dash U-15, district level. sprinting is easy. concentrate on releasing your full energy then away you go. you just have to go through proper training and jogging is definitely not part of it. its been ages since i dashed 100m. to this day, running remains as my utmost passion. i wish i have the time to run.

Monday, July 9, 2007

this post goes to all idiots in the world

2 things i hate people touching, my computer and my computer.

i have a 'naked' laptop sitting on my study table. i use it to simulate my stupid programming hobby, mathlab. among the things i like to do is let the computer compute until berjuta2 zero behind else sampai hang. on other note, i will let it run to break a 128bit encryption, (theoretically, it takes 25 years plus). pointless.

muhammad called me in the middle of a meeting, internet down. 'i shut the power supply. your laptop went, 'kaplop', dead. i still have no internet'. aiyo.. i know how much you love your, please, no sudden lappy shutdown. now i have to start a month worth of work all over again. best of all, i didnt save the programming. bodo. rase mcm nak marah bile balik rumah gak ni. haih... sabo2. he's young and stupid too, no point in scolding someone stupid.

recent project, i sort of ran out of idea. 1 quote that definitely needs a requote, customer is always right. like dzuf mentioned to me (7-9 months ago), malaysian dont know how to appreciate 'art'. mesti kene ubah2. imagine Interior Designing,.. i rase, garden ni bg squarish la, pool ni kene potong la corner die. what the heck? mcm tu sampai bile pon tak siap. stuck on one job je. idiots. so i quote, "customers are idiot, thats why they need us!"

sungguh emotional post ni... arghh what to do. just my cup of coffee.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


here's the story.

abg wewin, how much do you get paid? - no specific figure really, if i find clients, they'd pay me.
so how does you client pay you? - i charge them by hour, sometimes by job.
how much per hour? - about RM100-300 per hour, depending on the work.

si pendek hands me RM10. "i dont have RM200, but one day ill pay you the full amount." - whats this for? "you said you wanted to watch transformer with me last saturday, but you slept the whole day, so im paying you RM200 to watch transformer with me".

si pendek aka adek aka muhammad, i wish i could blend you with some protein shake plus banana and chocolate then minum sampai kembung.

so 1/2 day for me today. i watched transformer. way awesome! its a must watch at the cinema, VCD DVD tak main! muhammad, i'd like to watch a movie with you some other time too, but be sure to save Rm200 next time. - hahaha.