Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Genifer Healthier Than a Horse

If we succeeded we would become arrogant, and start looking down on others.
i could never find a better phrase to describe success. (personally, i think its just an excuse to fail, hahaha.. nak -ve nye pasal). come on, even if you failed, you at least you learned something right? but it still doesn't change the fact that you failed. try and fail, then fail to try.

on different note, genifer is finally out of the workshop. she walloped 3.3k. my highest gratitude to a good friend of mine who bailed me out of this. geni now is in the "point and squeeze" mode. she's faster, quicker, louder and meaner than before. downside, i could never handle the torque-steer she gave me. she twitches a lot when i give that extra umph in corners. i guess that'll fade away once the new set of tire is worn out bit. nevertheless, im happy by the way she reacts.

a friend of mine asked, "why do you love your car so much?". "i love anything that takes me to my 'destination' "

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Broken Heart and Conrods

this is how a broken conrod looks like. the block is dented, i need to re-bore 4mm or 8mm. new set of pistons, conrods etc. theoretically itll improve my overall performance. im just hoping Geni gets well sooner.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Genifer in Sickbay

i never thought i have to witness this scene again. Genifer being towed. well, my mechanic told me that i broke the conrod, aci engkol, bearings, pistons, spark plugs, header, possible tranmission gear and body throttle. and i have to overhaul on top of that. maximum cost is about 2.7k, thats the price i have to pay for being so clever to redah air. darn..

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Blog

yes im not religious. you dont have to remind me.


a compilation of reminders, for myself and yourselves.

because we all forgot our mission.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nike Oregon Arrived!

nike oregon series. RM 330 (from lowyat.net). normal shop is selling between RM490 to RM650, imagine the savings. down side, i placed an order last october and arrived today. tahan skit la.

i had the exact same model and lost it on the rugby field. i want exact replacement. no substitute.

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300 (vs 1,000,0000) Movie Night

just got back from tgv, klcc. same amiable faces, fqrl, izrin, nizam & fadli. we didnt invite others as it was kinda spontaneous plan.

im a big fan of war movies. im well versed in ancient military tactics & battle-engage strategy. and all i can say about 300 is, incredible. the acting is good (eventhough non seemed appealing to me). the battles were good, but id expect longer scenes, mostly cgi, duh! i dont want to spoil the anticipation by telling more about the movie. my final word, its a movie worth watching at the cinema.

ps: dont bring along your gf, if you dont have six packs. gile inferior rase!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Skis : Wedding Reception

we decided to take the ferry. unfortunately we got on the wrong boat. no pedestrian seating = no food stall
picture with raja(skis). and the raja with family.
raja anticipating for sedare mare (yg mengwarwarkan kami kurang ajar & biadap)
back to basics: dining on the floor with hand. the food tasted great biha. patut tapau.

the dudes who attended the reception. thanks guys. to skis & biha: semoga kekal sampai ke syurga.

"hendak seribu daya, xnak seribu dalih" - straight forward je la. my ultimate goal is to attend at least 80% of the batch's wedding. id expect 80% to attend mine.

Dam and Beach

i had to take a leak..and so they peaked

this is the covered area close to the dam. nizam couldnt stand the heat, deym.
the i-will-take-on-the-world pose,
we had our tea, it was frantically hot like hell. and had mee kuah as well
then we hit the beach, nizam didnt want to join, so he had to do the camera.(nice pics nizam.) body burial mmg fun. as you can see, izrin high plak bile aku pegang tetek artificial die.

"eddie, tetek aku kene reconstruct, senget laa". and the final product, pompuan paling hideoustest (xde word ni, i know) dlm life ive ever seen.

War Museum Trip

our journey begins at bkt merah. my mom's house. (no one lives there)
we had a simple bfast, unfortunately, still tak kenyang.
it cost MYR15 to enter the war museum. despite all the fun we had, i want my MYR5 back. its overcharged la dude. coke for MYR2? kidding me?

anyway theres so many things to play with and see. canons, barracks, tyre swing etc. on top is a gun to shoot aircraft. and we actually crawled to get to the gun area (it was a shortcut + adventure).
we missed our childhood.. or maybe childish by nature? i reckon the latter.

and these were taken at the barrack. Guinness - yeah rite its good.

Office Colapsed

this happened when i was in the middle of friday prayer (eh pg ke?). as reported by our contrator, the tie between the board and ceiling was weak, rather not enough. couldnt agree more. thank God no one was around.

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