Friday, June 29, 2007

a Brothers Love

6 months - you started crawling everywhere.
8 months - you walked every inch of the house
1 year - you ran like a toyol
2 years - you break the silence in the house
3 years - you asked so many questions that i had to lie.
5 years - you beat me at Gran Turismo-2 (a PS game)
6 years - you took taekwondo to beat me (physically)
8 years - you slept with me every night
8 1/2 years - you could solve quadratic equations.
9 years - you asked me to stop patting you on the head
9 1/2 years - you learned to differentiate and integrate
10 years - though you are big fat and chubby, you will always my baby bro.

Dear Muhammad,

I promised you a boxing glove on your birthday, but i cant. i cant use my spare money now. i may need it later. running a business was probably a bad idea. im in just for the thrill. i know you will like it too.

though you are sleeping soundly next to me, i wanted to tell you how sorry i am for not fulfilling my promise. i will get them for you, so please bare with me.

do you remember when i lost you at midvalley? i ran from east to west wing, parking lots, all over the place. i panicked! but i didnt stop. then i find you sitting on the bench in front of mcdonalds, eating your vanilla ice cream so leisurely. "where were you?" i asked, pissed off tone. "you told me to buy ice creams while you go get the movie tickets. im sorry i had to finish yours, it was melting". "how many ice creams have you eaten?"."this one makes it 5, thank God you gave me enough money". oh.. Muhammad.. kenape la ko comel sgt? tendang karang..

sometimes i wonder what would my world be like if you weren't born. regardless your age, you will always be my baby bro and you are free to hide behind me (in case you get into trouble). happy 10th bday, you will be great, its not a wish, its a fact.

-abg wewin.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

something to do..

i sort of ran out of idea on photoshop-ing. thanks to in, i got my touch back bit by bit. this pic can never be posted on kahwin2u. its too big and heavy. so bloglah tempat it can only go.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Girly Geli Eddie

ive been constantly building webs these pass few days. ohh its so tough. everyone wants to be unique. anyway, id like introduce to you, my girlish design ever! i had to work with so many pinkish, butterflies, rings... so not my preference. but its done but not completed yet. its still in beta but you are free to sign up ;)

help me to promote post it on your blog. if your blog brings the highest visitor, you could instantly walk away with RM300! thats my promise.

please rate my work from 1 to 10 (with 10 being absolute gorgeous), in my comment area. thank you ;)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Laman7 Shifting Gear

(bound to have grammatical errors. please forgive as i have no time to check)

Laman7 was a bottled up idea since 2001. when i told people about my idea, the either degrade me, made fun of me, mock me and the most favorite line "can you really make it?". i was on engineering lane, i have no knowledge of IT or Business Management. Out of curiosity, i learned these things while studying for my degree. i was nearly dropping out, despite being lined up as the best student in foundation years.

IT- i started with C programming. i liked so much, that i tried drawing mickey mouse (it looked awful). later i discovered Korn's website. I wanted to copy their flash presentation. but i have no idea how to. then in 2003 i started photoshop, flash and dreamweaver it was hard as ever. a few years later, i went to uk. i started learning e107. i was lonely and in desperate need to be with my batch mates (mckk). portal was my next move. few years passed, i moved to mambo (which is later renamed to joomla). now, i consider myself above average in developing website.

Business Management - I started by skipping my engineering class and attending business ones instead. why? engineering is pretty straight forward. you grasped the concept, you'll know the whole thing. business is wicked, so many ways to deviate people. nontheless i wanted to hear the crap the lecturer is bragging about.

Part Timing - during my studies, i worked part time for my dad. he pays me RM250 a month and that was the only money i get. i usually blew it on business books, dates or IT projects. it wasnt enough to buy me daily lunch at the uni's cafeteria. oh yeah, i ride a bicycle to school. kids at uni mocked me, ur dad is a millionaire but this is your ride to uni? through hardship i learned to self contain. to accept what ever is fated for me. i kept my sorrowfulness to myself. often i tell myself, "you will be great, no matter what", and i cried to sleep in the process.

Full Time Job - years later i find myself being an engineer at my father's company. i traveled every where my job takes me. i had fun. but like i say, engineering is boring if youre not in R&D.

the birth of Laman7 - i started to commercialize the idea. friends of mine threw great ideas, i noted, learned and implemented (to my friends, you are welcome to join me). Laman7 is on kaizen, always learning to make our work flow more efficient. btw, Laman7 was officially launched on 7-1-2007.

Laman7 to date - we have sent about 20 proposals since May. 4 of them committed. 14 of them in consideration and 2 MIA. among these people are ABIM, stamford uni, nilai college, polis bukit aman, MLM companies, auto trader, halal-hub, community forums, bakery, corporate and many more.

eddie today - i official quit my post as an engineer. i declared myself as NETprenuers. i have no idea what that means, but i like it! im always busy, but will always find time for my buddies. i have no time to think about girls. they come and go like LRT. i work round the clock - 10 am to 3 or 4 am. i sleep 4-5 hours a day. i am tired. but i am satisfied, owning my company and doing what i like most. developing the web, the Malaysian web. thank you for reading such a long post.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Utilizing iFrame and Advance Mapping System

im obsess with information technology. mapping system made life easier.

anyway, im thinking of building a website for my elder brother for his wedding reception which will be held on 28th july. the problem getting to our house, is the direction. its a sequence of left-right-left-right-left-right-left and i literally mean that. anyway, they already printed the invitation cards. so i cant have the url to be printed on it. dang.

ps: maybe ill put it on my wedding card? GPS lagi. flash lagi. last2 bg pda terus utk invi card. haha that'd be stupid

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Blues

Shit happens.

this morning i woke up with only 1 thing in mind to do before i start my day, i need a quick stop at any petronas. i started geni's engine, waited a while then drove off. half way out of my housing area, my car stalled. shit! i ran out of fuel! i should've made my stop the night before. i had to walk (again) to a local gas station.

no one can urinate for 2 liters plus.


slow and steady, you wouldn't want spill this urine.

2nd bottle in. yum2~

vroom vroooom

Father's Day Special

He's mean,
He's soft,
He's insane,
He's wise,
He's a jerk,
He's a friend,
He's cruel,
He's kind,
He's not funny,
but trying hard to be..
He's just my dad.

i had RM100 left in my wallet (almost zero in account), despite that, i treated my dad (and the family) at a local steakhouse. the bill came, im praying deep inside "please dont cost me more than RM100 (because thats what i can afford.. for now)". it was like hoping for a 'picture' in a poker game. RM58.70! for 3 beef grills, 1 sea bass, 1 mushroom soup, garlic bread, 3 juice and a warm water. thank God! anyway abah, happy father's day (lucky you dont read my blog, haha)

im broke! i feel ashamed of borrowing a large sum of money from a friend and not returning it ASAP. i still haven't got my May's pay. that's how hard life is now... i could only blame myself for blowing my savings for fun.

to that wonderful friend of mine, i'll get it by end of month, even if it cost me my feet! (please la jgn..)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

a Long Walk Home

i had dinner outside, like usual. but today i shaved it off before i got back home.

my car couldnt start. cranking, pushing and pulling for 30 mins, i decided to walk home. its already late (11 pm plus2 i supposed). it took a bloody 35 mins to reach home and most of the time its speed walking. (i walk faster than i jog). what a day..

Tuhanku, ringankanlah beban ku. Amin.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Penangan Azalea Azhari

i just woke up after 17 HOURS OF SLEEP and i blame a one-day-old baby.

throughout the sleep , i dreamed of something worth thinking about. the past, present and future.

the past
i remembered exactly how i was brought up. 2 years old - i was very good at jigsaw puzzle. 3 years old - i drowned and learned to swim. 5 years old - i learned to cycle. 6 years old - i fell when i carried a bag full of books on the way to school (i was very small compared to others). 12 years old - i was accepted into MCKK. 17 years old - i was sidelined (rugby game). 18 years old - i learned to love. 20 years old - i felt the pain of breaking up. 22 years old - im picking up my pace.

the present
my dad landed a 2.6m deal (its true). i have enough work load to forget everything meaningful in life. im slowly climbing up the ladder of success. its there, i can see it.

the future
i am worth USD 100m. im single and miserable. i became arrogant. i am full of myself. i am very successful. i ditched my friends. life has no other meaning, nothing but money. in short, i lost myself.

all this was given by Azalea, asahara's new born baby. i was fortunate to hold her for more than half an hour.

its wrong to blame a baby girl, but it also can be right. she showed me the choices i could make now, life of meaning & life of success. we cant have both. azalea, you are one hell of a miracle, thank you for showing me the true meaning of life.

to asahara & awanis, congrats. deym envy korg!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Brothers Wedding Reception

me and akmal. ready...snap!

"i have a business preposition..."

"pengapit" needs his time off too.

the ever cheerful, enthusiastic and adorable youngest brother. "how will we know if she (wife) is the right one?"."easy, just point and shoot. you know like counter strike.."."ah, tipu la abg wewin."

just a thought.. when will be mine? God knows best.

i had to cancel 3 weddings just to be insulted, which came from my boss. i was so pissed and left the scene. of course the favorite question pops up from my uncle, "bile CEO nak kawen?". i replied with a question, when is yours (second wife)? do they really have to ask, when the answer is quite obvious? if i have one, i'll announce. if not, then its obvious. duh!

Friday, June 1, 2007

My All Time Ferrari

as boys we grew up with matchbox and hotwheels (miniature toy cars). to find it made in Malaysia, it made us even prouder. my collectibles was given away when i left home for kuala kangsar. the passion spurred wildly as i grew older.

Ferrari 456M GT. this is my favourite ferrari. why? its a 2 door 4 seater. you can at least bring someone else other than gf/wife only. although i have to admit, its a bit cramped in the back. is this my goal? lets get real. even if i have the money to buy this baby, it'd be old and obsolete, but still in consideration.

Problems of 456M GT
  1. windows falling down. now who said proton is a lousy car maker?
  2. 2nd gear hard to engage. have to wait for the engine oil to be hot first.
  3. leakage of rear absorber fluid. never heard proton has this kind of problem before.