Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tribute to Karam Singh Walia

count to 6, karam will raise his hand. another 6, another raise. when i see him on air, i would raise and follow his gester. my family would laugh when i do so.

karam is an environment journalist for tv3. somethings you dont know about him.

  • 10 years ago, his main transport is a motorcyle
  • was secondary school teacher
  • graduated from UPM and University of London
  • produces malaysian hockey starS - maninderjit, abdul rahman, shaiful and madzlee.
  • he chases anyone who threw rubbish out of their car.
  • he has a book with 4,300 malaysian peribahasa and carries it around
  • the only journalist who use peribahasa (i think so)
  • was offered RM150k (and a house) for an under-table deal but walked away
thats all my findings. karam, id take a bullet for you anytime. salute!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Are We Racist?

Following on my recent visit to Balajoe's Blog, i was inspired to write this true story.

It was 2003, i was in the uk pursuing my degree in engineering. my flatmates were malaysian-chinese, a china-chinese and an arab. we had lots of fun back then. i was known as a party animal, literally. we cooked, watch horrow movies, studied, laughed basically we did everything humanly possible with our student life. although it sounds lively, deep down, i missed my gf(now ex) more than anything else. i like to be alone and always cry myself to sleep (damn stupid!)

one comment that really struck me, "Apesal ko tak hang out dgn kiteorg (a malay bunch)?". i was irritated but i still manage to smile and walked away, leaving the question mark on their forehead. i know when you're abroad, you tend to stick to your group to not feel indifferent. but for me, i want to learn more about others, i have a 'cramped' of knowledge about my race.

so why did i ditch my race?
  • jonathan lim - when grandpa passed away, he was the one to comfort me. the manly pillow talk too. hahaha.
  • david lee - i didnt have a room for a month, he let me sleep in his room.
  • chee siang - when i skip class (or prayer) so much, he would "berleter" just like my mom.
  • ah kit (china) - when im depressed, he'd try to comfort me eventhough he doesn't really know what he's saying (in english)
  • ahmad (arab)- taking me to parties whenever he sees me stressed.
  • huaiyang - would always try to occupy me by playing C&C generals, NFS Underground.
  • heng ngee & daniel - mad about football & guitar, would do anything to get me to join.
  • suet ling - for being a good listener.

i came back home and completed 3rd year here. with a bachelors degree in my hand, i look back, what have i done for them?

thank you guys. you were awesome.

Coffee Anyone?

to this day, i never knew coffee really well. i only like double espresso (not available in Malaysia [i think?]) and caffe mocha. this chart pretty much sums it up.

im not so interested in politics, but when our corruption index went up, i think i should look into it.

all day yesterday i went thru build on ajax tech, i like. the speed and everything feels so right. if you have no time to read, i suggest you go over have a few bumps. you'll love it.

this one particular video i like, about dr.m commenting on kj. "if you would like to see another pm like myself pushed gov to bankruptcy, then you should vote for kj" - dr.m. said something like that.

we cant be ignorant all the time. after all, our tok nenek fought hard to win back msia, so should we.

non-bumi wants to revoke NEP, i say we retract vernacular school. sounds fair? i thought so too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

facebook + myspace + friendster + youtube

yes. it seems rather bloated. but i feel its something we malaysians dont have (or not doing well)

target audience - college students n professionals
objective - to connect everyone from the same school, uni, fac or company
idea - just another social community
problems - youtube is very slow in malaysia. myspace has lots of fake people. friendster isnt that exciting. facebook not so popular in malaysia.
marketing strategy - make handouts leaflet and pass around all the IPT in malaysia.

then? i dont have a good name. can you help me find a good domain name?

i was thinking of - too professional
babila - sounds like a haram site

deym kusut.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Too Far Gone

Please speak slowly
My heart is learning
Teach me heartache
Stop this burning now
this is a great song by all american rejects. you can google it.

fasting is tiring (yeah even though i dont go to work anymore). last weekend i had my chance at beriyani batu pahat. 5 helpings ok. sure did conflict with my diet. they're the best =) yum.

i have forwarded a few proposal this week, surprisingly all malays. what i hate most about my race is, they would take my proposal and ask someone to quote them according to what ive drawn out. thats sick! of course you can get lower price that way. i put my heart and head into it. i expect them to at least ditch the proposal if they disagree. how do i know this? because the guy who got the job, asked for my help in some coding. no hard feelings, we all are raking everything we got nowadays. oh boy i wish i could 'luku' this 'bunch' of people. sungguh unethical.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Losing Weight 10kg Naturally

lets stick to my norm about noktahhitam, its all ABOUT ME.

i have a friend who weighs over 100kg but now he's down to 70 plus kg. losing 30% in about 6 months, naturally. how is that possible? eating right and working out. continue reading..

Eating Right

  • no carb means NO CARB. carbohydrate comes in many flavors, bread, rice, noodles, spaghetti etc. just avoid all of them. yes, ALL. i know for malays its hard to resist the tender substance of rice. yumm~
  • start with protein. these will be chickens, beef and fish. dont over do! eating a whole grill chicken is equivalent to 2 serving of rice. so be moderate.
  • diet means you dont have to starve to lose weight. instead of eating 3 meals a day, split into 5. this will increase your metabolism hence burn more fat, even when youre walking.
  • get more from veggies. the bitter taste doesnt really go well with everything. but you'll learn to like it.
  • no oil, no cholesterol, no SUGAR. its a drastic change, im still not accustomed to it.
  • cooking - grill, steam & raw. boiling and frying is meaningless.
remember, eat to live not live to eat.

Working Out
  • no time to work out? same here. its just an excuse everybody makes.
  • high & quick reps, light weight dumbbells - for the fat and obese
  • low & slow reps, heavy weight dumbbells - fairly important when toning muscles
  • run. start off with 1km per day, increase 500m weekly, you dont want to shock your body. in 3 months time, you'll be able to run 10km like nothing. i guarantee.
FAQs of Eating Right and Working Out
  1. any side effects from avoiding carb? yes. you will hurt your kidney. meat causes your kidney to work harder. but who said this diet plan is for a lifetime?
  2. how long will i see effect? 3 months minimum.
  3. will i grow muscle? men yes, female no. female dont produce testosterone as much as guys. sometimes your 'bat wings' grow bigger because your muscle is pushing your fat out. in 3 months, it will reduce.
  4. how much will i lose? depending on the diet. if you are strict and on daily basis, you can lose upto 20%.
  5. why do i yawn when i work out? your fat is burning and its telling your body, 'this is not right, please stop'. since fat is unwanted, go to hell with whatever it says.
  6. i cant afford to eat western everyday! dont lose weight then. do it when you have enough cash to sustain your lifestyle.
  7. is this something you created yourself? sadly no. its a compilation of methods, the "eating right method"credit goes to mache.
  8. how sure are you about this? i tried and lost 10kgs in 2 months.
  9. are you a qualified dietitian? nope. but i did learn biology ;p
  10. why do you want to lose weight? i want to run faster.
thats about it ;)

i need new wardrobes! im down to 30-31 inch from 35 inch.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Whats the Fuzz About

"gua caya sama lu!" thats the tag line. corny but i like it. this is a flame post. go away if you think im being silly.

i heard over the radio, so i told myself, "hey, why not i give it a lookie". the first thing i did when i got to my lappie, i keyed in ""...

wah la~ and error POOPed out. oh ok, maybe they are still fixing it. i corrected my url and hit enter. the correct url is
Hey Marion ~(would you like to travel to panama with me?) as much as they would like to target teens (or teen-like-adults), this is simply too much. look at it! its hideous, preposterous! have they ever thought that its sooo late 90's design? this is just like the layout korn had in 99. babe, move to web2.0 ala facebook style please. again i give an ample space to improve..
so i clicked over to AMBER CHIA. yummy~ (no way a 24 year old male can resist her). while waiting for page to load i grabbed cookies and milk, it was super slow! upon my return, i faced this error. goodness, i am a web developer, im updated with all these latest tools and gadgets but THIS? ohoo.. maybe i just dont have a flash player (!), i might as well get a dvd player while im at it.
and the final part, a bit technical though, but this is definitely not the way to code. its neither SEO nor SEF, search engine cannot find you. it's open for threat, hacking is so much easier if everything is displayed. it should be like this (below), looking like a dumb .html, but actually .php extension. to any developer, this is the first thing to look into before anything else.

nontheless, you have my utmost respect for being able to air and market on the media network, as expected of media primas' sub. also respect for the up coming shamefulness you will receive.

why am i pissed?well, maybe because i DIDNT get the job! anyway, its a good exercise before i start my project (showcasing all the mistakes and bad designs of malaysian web!) ouch, thats gotta hurt.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Miss Conception of Ramadhan

dudes, stop smsing about fasting. it comes every year.

ramadhan is a sad month. why?

  1. you spend more than you should, thus contributing waste.
  2. Allah wants you to fast, but you spent time french kissing in the car
  3. you should be slimmer, but you grew round-er
  4. you should go to mosque, but always excuse yourself because of work.
  5. you think more about what color will you wear for eid instead of reciting Qu'ran
  6. this is the time to cleanse your soul, but always think about naughty stuff
  7. and always thinking about your break fast meal
for the past few years, i cried while doing my terawih (sometimes, but often enough to noticed). the guy next to me must be thinking, what's with this kid? i cried because,
  1. i wanted to be a better person but i didn't do anything about it.
  2. ramadhan is gonna pass in 30 days, somehow 30 days is not enough.
  3. my prayers were unheard, i must have been a bad muslim.
  4. i bitch about unfairness and inequality but i failed to see the suffering of others.
  5. and finally, i feel distant to God
i want to do my best this time. i think you should to. Selamat Menjalankan Ibadah di Bulan Puasa.

Korek Hidung Tak Batalkan Puasa!
tazQirah:because we need to be reminded - Thursday, 13 September 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quran Recitation Online

now i have no excuse to NOT recite the Quran. its feature at "mens in shorts giving tazqirah", as how izrin would put it.

i always wanted to have a Quran online. looks like my dream came true. amin. lets just hope someone will benefit it ;)

on other note, i have put up "fadilat solat terawih" on i have been searching this since high school, literally. its serves as a daily reminder as it will change every single day according to the day/night.

while others are struggling for passive income, im looking for passive pahala (what do you call it in english?) ;)

My Boring Time

My Top 10 boring to do list. Not in order though.

1 - nose-picking, hygienic reasons ok.
2 - kick my fat cat. (his name is comel) yes, very cute and adorable but also very lazy.
3 - start an LED + circuit project and decided to ditch after figuring out 'its too easy la bro'.
4 - wash my hands every 5 mins (i always think i have my nose crap on my fingers)
5 - crack a software. this may sound.. WOW, a cracker! but i only do basic algorithm. im not a guy from Die Hard 4.0 or sword fish
6 - nulled a script. most scripts you purchase online has this feature of anti hack or so. it takes hours but once you know to get around, you'd go 'man, this should only take 3 mins!'
7 - chase the cat next door. since my cat is cute and lazy, i chase other cats. theyre not good looking but very enthusiastic.
8 - iron my work shirt even though my official office attire is a singlet and shorts
9 - lay and roll allover the bed and screaming as if im being sodomized.
10 - wrestle my younger bro until he cries or says ,'yes, you are my master.'

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

im thinking of buying my own domain. i remembered last time, i bought i wanted to save for my bigger project. now i cant buy it anymore. some bugger from US parked the domain... siol.

i plan to write about my thoughts on latest issues and share some tips & tricks about computing and web.

well, its just a thought.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rugby World Cup 2007

All Blacks for life. koleq rugby team (back in my days) was called all blacks. because we were the only team to wear full blacks in any tournament. imagine running around 2-3pm, hell was brought up to earth! i survived, did my part of the bargain and shared the disappointments. we were victorious. we went to every finals, every single tournie. 7s, 10s, 15s. now, its my pleasure to be able to boast around.. muahahaha.

anyway, world cup is around. 1 disappointing fact. we (my family) unsubscribed astro. tv is called the idiot box (plus the lame shows etc). now im getting desperate. i surfed around to look for malaysian tv schedule in case they aired on national tv. its depressing. i couldnt google it. there was very limited resources. i had to browse every single channel's website to look for the game. this is stupid.

so i went to IRC website. they charge to see the highlights... WTF? there was even a boycott by reuters on the coverage. idiots. rugby coverage shouldnt be commercialized. sponsors and advertisers should take this responsibility. i love rugby but i wont pay. bluntly bongok.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Laughter The Best Medicine

Akmal forwarded this to me. Have fun..

Boy 1: Why do you run from a naked lady?
Boy 2: Because my mum said that if I look at a naked lady, I'll turn into
stone. A part of me is getting hard already!

A man had 4 wives, and he called his...
4th wife..... Baby doll
3rd wife..... China doll
2nd wife.... Barbie doll
1st wife..... Panadol !

This is how India got its name.....
The king was having sex with his mistress while thinking a name of his
country and his mistress ask him "Is it in dear?"

Research shows men are fatter than women because every night men get fresh
milk & 2 big papayas while women only get 1 banana, 2 peanuts & 1 tea-spoon
of starch!

An arab was being interviewed at a US checkpoint.
"Your name please?"
"Abdul Aziz"
"Six times a week!!"
"No, no, I mean male or female!"
"Doesn't matter, sometimes even camel!"

Sex is like a restaurant.
Sometimes you get full satisfactory service and sometimes you have to be
satisfied with self-service

What makes a happy man?
Daughter on the cover of Cosmo.
Son on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
Mistress on the cover of Playboy
and .. Wife on the cover of "Missing Persons"

Why was the 2-piece swimsuit invented?
To separate the HAIRY section from the DAIRY section.

Teacher: What do you want to become?
Little Johnny: Doctor !!
Teacher: Why?
Little Johnny: Because its the only profession where u can tell a woman to
take off her clothes and ask her husband to pay for it.

Woman complaining to dentist: "It's so painful, I'll rather have a baby than
have a tooth removed."
Dentist: "Make up your mind soon, I'll adjust the chair accordingly."

Old lady, 85, a virgin, about to die. wanted her tombstone to read :
The engraver shortened it to: " RETURNED UNOPENED "

75 yr old man got married to a 15 yr old girl.
On their first night both were crying..........Why???
Because she didn't know anything and
he had forgotten everything.