Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Genifer Healthier Than a Horse

If we succeeded we would become arrogant, and start looking down on others.
i could never find a better phrase to describe success. (personally, i think its just an excuse to fail, hahaha.. nak -ve nye pasal). come on, even if you failed, you at least you learned something right? but it still doesn't change the fact that you failed. try and fail, then fail to try.

on different note, genifer is finally out of the workshop. she walloped 3.3k. my highest gratitude to a good friend of mine who bailed me out of this. geni now is in the "point and squeeze" mode. she's faster, quicker, louder and meaner than before. downside, i could never handle the torque-steer she gave me. she twitches a lot when i give that extra umph in corners. i guess that'll fade away once the new set of tire is worn out bit. nevertheless, im happy by the way she reacts.

a friend of mine asked, "why do you love your car so much?". "i love anything that takes me to my 'destination' "


I said...

Faster, quicker, louder and meaner than before?

Now I've started to think whether I shud ride with u or not to OBW hahaha.

Edwin Masripan, said...

by faster, top speed reaches 220kmh
by quicker, 0-100 in 7++ secs
by louder, enough to shuh-shuh people off the street
by meaner, well my cat still sleeps on my car.

Anonymous said...

hey ed, kill the engine before it kills you!

p/s: just ignore what i've just said above...its totally crap!!!

Edwin Masripan, said...

you know izrin, when you guys are in the car, the madness intensity only goes up to 50%. 60-70% is my sepang pace. 80% when i feel sober and blue. 90% when i feel like diying. 100% when im drunk.