Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Penang: the Tok trip

i left office after friday prayer (btw, i arrived at 830 that day!). we hit the road at 430 pm arrived at 645 pm. no surprise, for this old F1 driver (abah) wannabe. we checked-in at Northam, the room was fucking huge! we went to see tok that night, shes way too weak. inheritance and wills was sorted out. she has diabetes and high blood. to make matters worst, her kidney failed. she started on dialysis, which she described the pain as "mengkelar daging". now she's quite stable. lets just pray for the best.

un picked me up and we had lunch-tea at Nandos Queensbay. neo joined later on. we head back to un's house and watched liverpool vs manutd. we were later joined by meds student. late nite we went for nasi kandar line clear. very commercialized name, but lousy atmosphsere. food taste ok-ok la as it was my first shot at original nasi kandar.

next day, i played futsal with pmc's student, what a genial hoi polloi. late night we had dinner at batu uban, fresh seafood, yum! oh yeah, farah wahida joined us for dinner. very quite girl, it must be a handful crack up this girl, i told myself. apparently i was wrong. of course she always had that look on her face whenever we made dirty jokes, every girl has..

on monday, i went to usm to get my job done. un, mi and mus joined for lunch at one of usm's foodcourt. i consider it as a triumph, to have intelligent and beautiful chicks flocked the floor. yum~ later in the evening, the guys (mus, mi and un) wanted to bowl (i dragged along the studious sani from the library). thanks to sani, i now know how to spin. now, the apogee of the trip, sani dislocated his shoulder. we rushed him to the emergency department. accompanied him for xray, to E&A room and to E&A ward. then we left him for our prayers. when we came back, he was sleeping snobbishly like a pig (sedated). so we head for dinner (kidnapped farah wahidah in the process) then revisited sani. he had to spend the night there due to allergy reaction causing mate bengkak (gile sepet ko sani). we brought him food, pelahap habis! spent some quality time talking and left to send me to the bus station. fantastic weekend.

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