Monday, March 12, 2007

War Museum Trip

our journey begins at bkt merah. my mom's house. (no one lives there)
we had a simple bfast, unfortunately, still tak kenyang.
it cost MYR15 to enter the war museum. despite all the fun we had, i want my MYR5 back. its overcharged la dude. coke for MYR2? kidding me?

anyway theres so many things to play with and see. canons, barracks, tyre swing etc. on top is a gun to shoot aircraft. and we actually crawled to get to the gun area (it was a shortcut + adventure).
we missed our childhood.. or maybe childish by nature? i reckon the latter.

and these were taken at the barrack. Guinness - yeah rite its good.

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nanayau said...

wow, kat mane nih? exact location?!
ada macam war museum vietnam kaa?