Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a Glimpse from the Past

Mar84, i was about 6 months old. kecik2 dh punk rock.

masripan bck121. any senior officers at exxonmobil would remember my dad as bck121 red alfa romeo. very classic car. i could still remember,'abah, lompatlah!'. dad speeds up and jumped the hilly road. 'buat lagi!'. 'ok', dad replied. now you know why i drive like anjing laut.

trip to singapore. on cable car. i wanted an ice cream but mom decided not to buy 1 for me, hence the facial expression.

who's the naughty boy? "jgn conteng dinding!", mom told me. but didnt mention about the floor. i scribbled on the floor, tracing the joint tile on the marble floor. there was of course a picture of a house, stickman family, flower and the sun. would you tie your son or spank them?

selamat hari raye. sorry ma. im an ass (still am..?)

this picture was taken during a hockey tournament in ipoh, 1997. we reached the quarter finals. i enjoyed hockey but i decided no to stay with the team and moved on to rugby and athletic. i was never good at hockey anyway.

behold stick 'khayalan'. it was the florescent orange wrapped around the stick that eluded the goalie. we won 9-0 against our junior (we were f2). i scored 7.

this was taken by hideo minamizawa(?). 100m dash U-15, district level. sprinting is easy. concentrate on releasing your full energy then away you go. you just have to go through proper training and jogging is definitely not part of it. its been ages since i dashed 100m. to this day, running remains as my utmost passion. i wish i have the time to run.


♥fizzy♥ said...

muka tak berubah langsung please!!!
comelnya kena ikat...
you just gave me an idea laa eD.

btw, u lost your phone?

aboon said...

eD..make sure dtg tau..
tggu nak bg ice-cream =)

Anonymous said...

bukankah di sebelah kanan shukur tu vaji? kurusnyer....

lisaOlisut said...

wah wah
klasik sungguh ;p