Thursday, July 26, 2007

I hate J Drama!!

but i still watch them.

Proposal Daisakusen was the first J-drama i watched in years. seriously, i dont like it. but i finished the episode in 1 night. thanks to boy, who brought back his entire collection of J-drama (2007), i am now constantly staying up to watch these episode. what about my work? tertangguh la.

All this K-drama & J-drama, they leave you with a big black hole in your heart. not to mentioned, watery eyes, sudden excitement, the stupid-funny jokes and girls! urghh.. im so upset with these people behind melodrama.

i hate it, but i like it. i like it but i hate it.. which will it be?


asni said...

i like them, but not all! =) care yang bagus untuk habeskan weekend, heh!

Edwin Masripan, said...


tp sgt menyayat hati bile tgk.

*fizzy* said...

Erkkk.. welcome to the club?
I have some soft spots lah for K-dramas.
J-dramas kurenggg sikit, but the latest one I watched was Gokusen 2.
Cool habess~

Anyways,eD..'twas me who had been sms-ing u yestrday.
I already posted the news in my blog.
Perhaps you can help spreading it.
Just in case his batchmates still recognize him.

p/s: byk ke collection? nak pinjam!