Thursday, July 5, 2007


here's the story.

abg wewin, how much do you get paid? - no specific figure really, if i find clients, they'd pay me.
so how does you client pay you? - i charge them by hour, sometimes by job.
how much per hour? - about RM100-300 per hour, depending on the work.

si pendek hands me RM10. "i dont have RM200, but one day ill pay you the full amount." - whats this for? "you said you wanted to watch transformer with me last saturday, but you slept the whole day, so im paying you RM200 to watch transformer with me".

si pendek aka adek aka muhammad, i wish i could blend you with some protein shake plus banana and chocolate then minum sampai kembung.

so 1/2 day for me today. i watched transformer. way awesome! its a must watch at the cinema, VCD DVD tak main! muhammad, i'd like to watch a movie with you some other time too, but be sure to save Rm200 next time. - hahaha.


lisaOlisut said...

eh betul ke best ni?semua org dh asik cakap, tapi i je tak de hati nk tgk lg ni.ish..tak bleh jd ni.haha ;p
kene g tgk nnt.hopefully!

lisaOlisut said...

opsss..u n ur adek so sweet la.hihi ;p

Anonymous said...

eddie..kem salam kat amad..he so funny..