Friday, June 29, 2007

a Brothers Love

6 months - you started crawling everywhere.
8 months - you walked every inch of the house
1 year - you ran like a toyol
2 years - you break the silence in the house
3 years - you asked so many questions that i had to lie.
5 years - you beat me at Gran Turismo-2 (a PS game)
6 years - you took taekwondo to beat me (physically)
8 years - you slept with me every night
8 1/2 years - you could solve quadratic equations.
9 years - you asked me to stop patting you on the head
9 1/2 years - you learned to differentiate and integrate
10 years - though you are big fat and chubby, you will always my baby bro.

Dear Muhammad,

I promised you a boxing glove on your birthday, but i cant. i cant use my spare money now. i may need it later. running a business was probably a bad idea. im in just for the thrill. i know you will like it too.

though you are sleeping soundly next to me, i wanted to tell you how sorry i am for not fulfilling my promise. i will get them for you, so please bare with me.

do you remember when i lost you at midvalley? i ran from east to west wing, parking lots, all over the place. i panicked! but i didnt stop. then i find you sitting on the bench in front of mcdonalds, eating your vanilla ice cream so leisurely. "where were you?" i asked, pissed off tone. "you told me to buy ice creams while you go get the movie tickets. im sorry i had to finish yours, it was melting". "how many ice creams have you eaten?"."this one makes it 5, thank God you gave me enough money". oh.. Muhammad.. kenape la ko comel sgt? tendang karang..

sometimes i wonder what would my world be like if you weren't born. regardless your age, you will always be my baby bro and you are free to hide behind me (in case you get into trouble). happy 10th bday, you will be great, its not a wish, its a fact.

-abg wewin.


asni said...

sangat sweet. rase nak nanges.

Edwin Masripan, said...

i almost cried when i wrote this.

sweet? seni ni slalu overrated la :p

lisaOlisut said...'s so sweet..
ade sorg adik je eh?untung plak tibe2 jd adik si edwin.gagagagga ;p

Edwin Masripan, said...

lisa: i have 2 younger bros. 1 in german, 1 who sleeps with me everynight. my household slalu call me a fag. so mcm mane? live with it je la.

lisaOlisut said...
send my regards to Adam ur cousin if u meet him eh.long time no see him.i use to hang out with him and OUTLAWS before this.hahah ;p

Edwin Masripan, said...

OUTLAWS? haha a bunch of suck up. 'imho'. we (cousin) dubbed Adam as uncertified news telecaster. you tell him A, he tell others A with some spices. Somehow he is incapable of digesting what we tell him. nevertheless i will convey your regards to him.

lisa lisut said...

yeah yeah i know.adam mmg begitu.kahkahkah.thanks ;p

*fizzy* said...

Sweet gelllllllll please?
Bila laa nk jumpa Muhammad ni..
That day ingat boleh belanja dia tgk Pirates since big bro bz sgt kan..

Anyways, happy belated birthday to him ok?

I was drafting a post on my sis yang I barely talk to tu..
Ape hal kekeluargaan sangat kita ni ekk?

lisa lisut said...

i set my blog to private.again.haha.ade org gila yg suke merepeks kat situ.if u want to be my fren,bg emel, i invite.if u nakla.taknak takpe ;p

Edwin Masripan, said...

lisa? camne nak pass email i plak?

name kat "xxxxx" said, rapatkan pastu tambah

lisaOlisut said...

oh,u letak emel u kat sini.nnt i masuk jap lagi, i add u

lisaOlisut said...

serius sudah tak tahan dengan posers.i invite u
betul tak ni?
kalau tak betul sila beetulkan.i dah private my blog.hah!

Edwin Masripan, said...

lisa : first name tu dah betul, cume kene add my last name sekali pastu

lisaOlisut said...

i dh add u
i hope kali ni betul.haha ;p

aboon said...

sweet laa eD =)
rase kau abang yg penyayang..heh