Friday, February 2, 2007

Akmal Admitted (2nd Time)

The case is hiatal hernia, thanks to yanie yazid who diagnose sesenang a-b-c.

hospitals are boring, akmal stayed for 7 good days. everyday he would call and ask me for hypertune mag. unfortunately for him, there isn't any news stand around my area & office is selling that mag. anyway, i jumped into baizura's wagon and reached there about 7pm. (thank God its still open for visitors).

akmal, may God bless you with pink of health, although id like to add, you look good in baju banduan.

in pic (akmal, akmal-me, shikin-baizura-akmal) they're my cousins.
akmal - mech eng, shikin - medic, baizura - pharmacy
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