Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Getting Over Forever

Nageb once quote me this "eddie, ko buang je sume bende yg related to her". no way. its tough. i kept telling myself.

then Izrin "youre an egoist, swallow it!".. its easier said than done.

these past few days i had a sonorous voice playing in my head, saying that i still love her. the more i think about it, the more turbid i become. theres no easier way for me to step out of this impregnable fortress ??!!

i shall take this as a challenge from God. if i dream to be greater, i have to overcome this.

but for now, lets just roll with my goooodest buds, play rugby with my heart out, tackle corners with joy and earn as if there's no tomorrow. most docs are graduating next year (my batch), theyre definitely my beau ideal ;)

ps: no pics for cny


*fizzy* said...


kindly share with us your 6 weird habits.
read my blog for my own list of not-so-weird stuff.
[I got this from K Ruby..]

p/s: this could be your no 1 in the list. "can't get over my ex".. =D [peace!!]

Edwin Masripan said...

6 weird habits?

wohaa. tu aibkan diri name nye