Friday, February 16, 2007

the Grand Engagement

ameba's engagement party.

look at these faces, 2 are not available (ngb & ameba), the rest are hopelessly single.

question asked: when is your turn?
"im just keeping my options open" - mulder
"there will come a time, not now" - izrin
"ill probably be the last in batch to get married" - iqhbal
"..." - fadli
"its all about mutual understanding" - fqrl
"dont look at me.." - dzuf
"i dont have the 'feelings' required.." - pyan
"will you help me look for one?" - eddie

what ever the reason is, im so glad you're all are my bestest buds.

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I said...

Since when aku ckp mcm tuh?

and not hopelessly...proud to be.

Edwin Masripan said...

damn, sape ko?

izrin i presume.

ok, maybe i didnt interview all of you that day. but i did ask.