Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ive been TAGGED, 6 Weird Things

i dont remember exactly what fizzy wrote in my comment box, but ill take it as a 'things', not habit or hobby.

1) when i was a kid, i was amazed on how tree could grow larger by the day. so i planted my caterpillar bull dozer toy, in hope itll grow. it didnt! (duh!) i think its still there in rantau petronas kerteh. even planted a matchbox ferrari you know..

2) i hate smoking and yet i still do. i know what harm it brings, but i still do. mom told me to quit, but i still do. friends gave up on me quitting, lagi laa smoking.

3) when discussing relationship issues (friction laa ni), i usually draw a mind map. so i could comprehend after wards and really say sorry when i actually know what am i supposed to be sorry for. also helps the fighting process by aligning topics one-after-another and not just hop around like org gila. it sounds stupid, but it works. now you can draw the middle line PROPERLY. i discovered this method when i read a hadith, 4 signs of munafik, one of them was, "when they fought (or miscommunication), they never hold back."

4) words could form into numbers: numbers could form into a picture: a picture can form my imagination: imagination turns to words. such encoding and decoding for such a simple process. pretty sick eh? thats just how my brain works.

5) never talk about food when chatting with me. i crave easily for food, esp in the middle of the night. sorry yanie, salu marah ko.. tp aku gak tanye ko masak ape kan?

6) i planned a bank robbery when i was 5 (or 6). but the plan never took off as we (my bro & i) only had a bicycle and a tricycle as our getaway car. surprisingly, i still have the plan in my head.

thats embarrassing. now the baton must be passed on,
1) fizzy - ill hit you back.
2) anem - i like your writing.
3) em.. sape lg nak willingly volunteer?


anema said...

eh, bukak2 sinih dah tuh kene tagged lah?
mangkuk lah..

*fizzy* said...

Siot laa, eD!!!
Aku bukan weirdo tau..mana nk cari lagi 6??
Usah mengada² nak korek sape aku admire.

BTW, hi Anem!!
Nice pictures of your engagement...

Edwin Masripan said...

anema: aku plak mangkuk. mangkuk cendol mase engagement ko byk lg aku tgk.

fizzy: the nature of humane, REVENGE hehe. i think i know who you admire, but lets just leave at that. would it be funny to say i can read people by looking at their face?