Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Eddie: i first used 'eddie' was on the 3rd day of koleq. up until now, i still feel uncomfy people calling me edwin. reason? well, i just dont think id live up to that name. its way up there and im still down here. maybe someday i will.

i always add/change name(s) of my buds (or change them to different name). some e.g.;
izrin - kujerin isniiin : no good reason.
faqroul - farouq dogo : he looks matured but actually not.
iqhbal naeem - iqh bal antum kaw mum musrifun, hunafa awayuki mussala tawayuk tuz zaka tu fa i'lun. : the longest added name. part of ya-sin (i think)
fadli - fadli sang skill : give him anything, he'd do everything
neo - neorlan : no good reason
totoq - tuntoQ : totoq + tuntong
mior helmi - mior modak : no explaination
dzuf - dzuffyy : bg lengkok skit
pyan - pyantat : because he's an ass! hehe.
cooper - cooper ku lari gagah berani : he's a cross breed horse-human
toyon - noyot : in return he calls me EPWIN
noune - moq moq : double fatness, in return he calls me moq chik, small n fat.
mache - moq two : second gemok after noune. not gemok anymore
irfan hashim - cipet : he's mean
yanie tkc9600 - yanie H(ebat) : she can diagnose thru ym. hebat2
mizut tkc9600 - mixot : different spelling. appeal kn skit.
izni tkc9903 - inzi : inzi sounds better. it fits her.
asni tkc9600 - seni. i dont know what people call here
david lee - david lee taikotai : taikotai means handphone. we had the same phone in foundations dulu2
jason lee - jason le hai pinto, le cho met ye : hes a lunatic. lets stick to that.
ken liang - moko : means abg bulu in canto. the hairiest chinese i know
chok yew - chok yew ngo si fat han : means im horny
aiman - superMAN : adik air. he's the msian superman. MAN pronounce as MAAN.


*fizzy* said...

Dear eD a.k.a EPWIN,

Tak tahan Kukubal punye.......
And cooper's..

If you notice, I always spell your name like this: "eD".
Tahh, I don't like 'eddie' kot..
Too ordinary..
(spelling-wise, the pronunciation is still the same..)

Back in college I've had quite a number of nicknames.
fiz,Fiz9,Filza,Fowler,Fizzy.. but NEVER Fiza..
I wonder why..
(it feels awkward pon if I go by the name 'fiza'.. mcm Fiza Elite je..yikess!)

asniloveschocolate said...

i like calling u eddie - no specific reason as well =)

people just call me asni, except for some uia seniors who spell my name as 'asne'.

and some tkc frens like shx would call me 'cik asni'.

my cuz used to called me kakak seni when she was like 6 -7 years old, tp skrg die dah 20, so dah reti panggel kak asni, haha!

and now, seni - mmg it's only u i guess.. =) creative sungguh kamu! =)

asniloveschocolate said...

ooh, and cik fizzy jua panggel me 'cik asni' kadang kala =)

*fizzy* said...

Cik Asni!!
Heheheheh.. those special je panggil Cik Asni kan?

Edwin Masripan, said...

AS-NI, bile nak sebut, kene ngange, less efficient

SE-NI, its mcm menghembuskn nafas, hence efficient.

try laa sebut2.

anyway i have never quoted your name using SENI (to others) nor ever sebut orally, except just now. sbb nak try sebutan die. ;)

fizz : eD? edika?? !@#$%^ hehehe

asni said...

comel =)