Thursday, April 19, 2007

Esprit: In Memory

"you'll never know the value, until you lost it!"

Glasses I had and lost (no more 'chicken-shopping')

  1. Ralph Lauren (washing machine and left in a restaurant, kemaman) 150-150, RM1700-uk
  2. Burberry (left in petronas toilet) 125-125, RM930-england optical
  3. Christian Dior (lost on rugby field) 150-150, RM750-wangsa maju
  4. Tommy Hilfiger (lost in a friends car) 100-100, RM450-england optical
  5. Esprit (either bunga raya, jalan ampang or jelatek) 75-75, RM810-ampang park
  6. Oakley Canteen (left on the bus), RM450-internet
  1. Overall - Esprit. Looks, feel and comfortableness. As if it was customized for me.
  2. Toughness - Ralph Lauren. Survived washing machine cycle, scratchless. Thanks to titanium+tungsten
  3. Style - Tommy Hilfiger. Looks good but a bit too loose.
  4. Comfort - Esprit. Fantastic feel and light weight too
  5. Worst - Burberry. The lousiest glass ever. cant pray using them, theyd fall off.
Clumsiness is not a decease, its a curse! Next stop would be D&G... maybe not. i miss my esprit =(


*fizzy* said...

Sheeesh, you spent a fortune for those spectacles only to left them here and there?
[Look who's talking, I misplaced loadsa stuff too.. =D]

eD, I spot some error in your writing..
Minor only, though..

Edwin Masripan, said...

minor? hoho. cikgu2. blog writing kene check for error(s) ke? i wrote it on-the-flow, tade nak betulkan blk. if you dont mind, bole tunjukkan?

asni said...

uish, banyaknye hilang barang...eddie ni dori ke? heh.

*fizzy* said...

Is it so..?
Then why did you comment on you good friend's grammar the other day? :p

Ermm, it's disease not decease.
The latter means dead, kan??
I thought you wrote "it's a CURSED" yesterday..
Then again maybe I got too excited of checking your grammar..
Yg betul pon jd salah..
(or u corrected it? =D)

Edwin Masripan, said...

oh. betul fiz. disease!!HAHAHAHAHA

because it was TOO glaring. kalau minor & people understand cukupla.

asni, dori natang gapo? dOOrian i like.

asniloveschocolate said...

dori tu..ala yang dalam finding nemo tu...

Edwin Masripan, said...

dori, i thought from the middle earth dwarf man.

i didnt watch finding nemo nor malay movies or any movie at all. what i want to watch ill download.

*fizzy* said...

Then download laa Finding Nemo..
It's cute tau..~
I think I suffer "Dori Disease" too..
(short term memory loss..)

Edwin Masripan, said...

fiz, bukan selame ni ko mmg ade 'dori disease'.

finding nemo, yeah rite. if im watching my younger bros ok la. if not, forget about it. anticipating spiderman in may. will be watching with my dearest baby bro.

(i bought myself a spidey suit! haha)