Monday, April 16, 2007

Preparation for OBW

3 best-est bud will be riding with me back to our beloved 3rd hometown (after rumah sendiri & kg), Kuala Kangsar. we have agreed to sing along all the way back. other than singing lagu cheering koleq and lagu patriotik, ive decided to compile 2 CDs. 1st consist of rock kapak. 2nd koleq life (English) songs.

Rock Kapak Playlist
  1. Lefthanded - Tiada lg Kidungmu
  2. XPDC - Aku Masih Di sini
  3. Search - Tiada Lagi
  4. Black Dog Bone - Khayalan
  5. Carefree - Belaian Jiwa
  6. May - Cintamu Mekar di Hati
  7. Teachers Pet - Warisan Wanita
  8. KRU - Apa Saja
  9. Manbai - Ilhamku
English Koleq Life Playlist
  1. MLTR - 25 minutes
  2. Britney - From the Bottom
  3. Butterfingers - Girl Friday
  4. Westlife - Flying Without Wings
  5. Vertical Horizon - Best I Had
  6. Matchbox 20 - Push
  7. Bonjovi - Thank You
  8. Creed - Higher
  9. BSB - ??
subject to approval . izrin, fAdLi, fQrL please gimme some input.

i want to play rugby that weekend, Above 35 vs U15. (lets be real, no 35 year old can catch 15 year old). i hope they havent formed a team yet.

Food - this is among the reason we missed kuale.
Friday night - dinner at karok or mane2 yg bukak
Sat Morn - YL
Sat Afternoon - Kawkee
Sat Night - Koleq
Sat Night - minum2, somewhere la. mesti kene tarik jr 2-3 ekor
Sun Morning - saudah
Sun Afternoon - cendol & mee rebus

1 comment:

*fizzy* said...


And so I heard..OBW is coming ekk..
Yeasterday berSMS ngn Badak..
Siap list lagu tu!!
And BSB pon in the list?
'As Long As U Love Me' ke?? LOL

Anyways, hope you guys will have a splendid time there [like you always have..].
Frankly, I'm dead JEALOUS.
TKCOGA will be going to Bukit Merbah on 1st May, and I don't think I can make it..
Huhuhuhuhuhuh... I MISS COLLEGE!!!!