Friday, August 24, 2007

AJAX Application

Disclaimer: If you dont want to know whats hot from the web oven, feel free to skip this post.

You've probably heard about AJAX or WEB 2.0. They are the one behind myspace, digg, prada, friendster etc and many more. Ajax is not a programming language but actually is. Its a combination of both. Its like HTML. Many argue that its a programming language, to me, it never will be. It's too easy.

What it does?
AJAX plans to work like your desktop application. The part where its fast, clickable and draggable etc. thats not 'it'. its actually more than that. a normal website requires you to click around, wait for the page to load and wahla.. another never ending page. Ajax works to bring you the data before clicking it. Whilst the speed of internet is getting faster, Ajax plans to use the bandwidth lesser. it uses less resource compared to java applet, faster than flash and most importantly, CROSS OVER PLATFORM. so it doesnt matter what IE or firefox you use, it'll work.

How does it help your life?
Ever complain about not enough time? Ajax is the answer. faster than anything else. it simplifies everything. each application is design to give you ease of use. forget about user-friendly, its what i call, childs-play.

The future
Ajax is the future of web. its fantastic. you look at it, you go WOW. Lord of Motherf***** or something like that (at least i would). if you know nuts about html, you better start learning now, at least a piece or two. seriously you need to. (im ashamed to say, im better at reading raw html than the Qoran)

My Plan
I have been thinking about it 2-3 years ago. but somehow these past few months caught me. my workload is like crazy, i have meetings everywhere, my money is short, client havent issued payment, junior asking for job, mom & dad sending me to umrah, adek wants to wrestler with me before bed.. its madness. i came across my black notebook with white cows on it, i realized i have noted so many great ideas from the past (when i was pretty much sane). one of it was, a friendster and myspace clone. there was one point where, "you have to pass this message around if dont want your friendster account to close".. you know, that kinda crap. their earning are from ADVERTISEMENT get it you numb nuts.

XXXXX dot whatever..
just like my many other site like kahwin2u, tazqirah, mckk9600, they are just my flagship to challenge myself and test my-self-developed marketing techniques. all 3 website are doing very well, average hit a month about 3000 unique users altogether. thats a lot.

Next Project
I dont have a name for this project (feel free to suggest the name), but ive already started working on it. Features include MP3 DOWNLOADS, RINGTONES,VIDEO STREAM, BLOG and PHOTOBLOG also FOOD RECIPE! (somehow im gasping for breath when caps). its not cool actually. i copied the ideas of others. no good idea. i was hoping for someone to give some wicked meaningless name like nike, zookuda, meebo but reflects malaysia. oklah. till then.


Angelic Sinner said...

my blog's font.
readable x?

Angelic Sinner said...

sorry dear i never read this entry until u talked to me abt it.

so have found another name to replace 'babila' ?

Edwin Masripan, said...

nope. babila was good though. heard about

the hype mmg best. tp sayang design die agak common. n sbb graphic intense, jd kelam-kabut plak and pixelate

Angelic Sinner said...

so sayang..

how abt u offer to re-invent.
they hav a good name as a site though.