Thursday, August 16, 2007

50 Years of Merdeka and We Only Care about the FOOD

have you been listening to the radio lately? played over and over again, the true spirit of merdeka lies in our food. it saddens me, but its true. i myself planned to move to the uk, unfortunately its the food i cannot resist. for everything else, you have a mastercard. LOL.

is Malaysia really 'merdeka'?

my rants the current malaysia..

  • bad automotive industry, not just talking about proton here. include all car makers assembled in malaysia. if we have no tax on car import, these car makers would be dead by now. how much will you put a price on proton gen2? for me, 35k (but hey i bought one at 58k). buy malaysian, be patriotic! hmm.. your turn..
  • football. oh so sad. im not blaming on players nor the management, id put everything on the media. whats the fuss about EPL? according to alexa, malaysian is the 2nd highest visitor at oh and please mr media, football is not malaysia's no 1 sport. EPL is.
  • politics. noted, malaysian higher powers are bringing in investors from all over the globe. its a good thing. everybody loves money but it doesnt equate to happiness and comfort. why? we are treated as second rate people!
  • the citizen. i love malaysian, so loving and caring.. yeah right! have you ever been to hartamas? people stare/glare as if you not wearing anything. how about accidents on the road? people slowdown to see whats happening but not to help. please la people, if you want to see something disgusting, google-lah. accidents are not freakshows. our mindset is wrong.. its just soo wrong. im not civilized myself, im wrong too.
  • petroleum country. but how come you keep increasing? arent we supposed to be subsidized like heaven? so these profit where does it go to? someone like us (professionals) may not be affected greatly. think about the outskirts or hulu2 people, do you think they can afford fuel like we do? sad..
  • traffic. kl traffic is bad. i dont drive anymore with 3 reasons on hand, petrol, parking and girls. its about RM5 from keramat to klcc and you actually have to beat an old lady with a stick to get a parking space, which cost RM7 for the day. i take LRT. i have to literally shove myself into the train in the morning. why cant you add more trains? too costly is it? have you thought about global warming? so which would you chose, money or malaysia? you dont need to answer that, its already written all over your face.
  • pollution. according to times, we can help to reduce global warming by planting more trees on the equator. but i see day after day pembalakan haram on the news. someone's pocket is definitely full. think about berkat..
  • malaysia with islamic rules. why does it seems like everyone is against it? here's why.. islam mengharamkan RIBA. you can fill in the details.
How we can improve Malaysia?
  • its not about the cover, its the content. we as the citizen must think like we're equals. be it indian chinese or malay. maybe its too much to ask, but if we could start to instill this ideal into our kids, Malaysia would be a better place
  • abolish sek jenis kebangsaan india/chinese. a very hard case, seems very unlikely because it has to do with HERITAGE. well yeah.. but have it taught in every school. dont you think its wonderful to see everyone speaks and reads all these 3 languages?
  • forget about english. speak malay. take for example germans, french and japanese. they are advance in their technology because the skipped the part where they had to translate. so you skipped the 'buffer' zone. was it a bad idea to teach kids math and science in english? i dont know, maybe a teacher can explain that. personally, it only confuses kids.
  • abolish tolls in outskirt areas. introduce tolls in big cities. increase road tax. intensify our transporting system. sounds stupid, but its actually good. my point, save mother nature! save malaysia for kids. only the rich gets to drive. or drive whenever necessary. more people will move outskirt. reduces traffic. byk lagi laa.. you think plak.
  • go back into agriculture, make it as no1 export industry. its green. save nature. food is more demanding than other industries. we need to eat more than we need a gadget.
i guess what im asking is a little too much. its just my bottled up thoughts. you can arrest under ISA, i dont care. but be sure to publish my face on the frontpage. God is fair. you can do anything to me, i will only pray that God will have mercy on your soul. ;)


Angelic Sinner said...

my problem remains on the citizens.
we're known to be divided into 4 by some swines:
1.The Lazy
2.The Snob
3.The Stink
4.The Illiterate
I need not make it obvious la kan on which races they belong to. I dont mean to classify us like that but its true right? Some people grow up wanting to follow the swine's shallow minded as well.

Can we just live happily together?
P.s: Swine,I am NOT.

Angelic Sinner said...

to female readers of Ed's blog,do take notice of my recent encounter w org jahat..he could be anywhere right now..

u can ask Ed/Eddie..kan u ?

Edwin Masripan, said...

can i name the swines? hahaha

your experience is scary ok. dah la kat gombak uia. kalau die kidnap masuk hutan.. huih.. tatau laa ape nak jadi.

Angelic Sinner said...

dont still scares the hell out of me.

tak relaaa!!