Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Im Now Taking Order

This may sound cocky, but to whom that wishes to send prayers (while im in umrah), please leave in this comment box. If shy or anything, drop me a mail at edwinmasripan[at]gmail.com.

My prayers goes out to all the living creature who knows me (vice-versa),
"may You bless everything good to these people. and if You decide to place burdens upon their shoulders, lighten it by placing on me. Bless them with kindness, as they have been really kind to me. Bring them happiness as they have brought happiness to me. Worry them not, as they have worried so much for me. Forgive them for every sin theyve committed. Shower them with light on the path to righteousness. and if You decide not to grant any of my personal prayers, then please grant this one. Amin"

really cocky, but thats what i feel. thank you for being my friends. only God knows how much i value each and everyone of you.


Angelic Sinner said...

i know im not officially included in the friends' list but this 'wacky online friend' wish you will find your peace there =)

err, how wacky can I be pun?
explain ed. explain why.

Edwin Masripan, said...

wacky = eccentric.

you are eccentric pon. admit it!

i did write, "whoever knew me and whoever i know", literally.

btw, the trip has been canceled, my flight booking salah timing. i guess its true, org yg dijemput ke rumah Allah sahaje yg bole pg. maybe after raye puase kot. tgk camne la.

Angelic Sinner said...

oh blame the prior subsisting eccentrics for that. I adore them.

During months that I knw u,we argued on nonsense matters and agreed on silly matters ape..
You pun sama jugak la act.I forbid u from being emo! hehe

Okay I kid,I kid.Chill.

If He wills, you will surely go one day =)