Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Phone Under RM2K

mache and fadli (also iqhbal) are seriously looking forward to get PDA phone. i myself am not sure about the hype. so i did some googling, lowyating, mypdacafeing, gsmarenaing and cnetasiaing. it came down to 3 hours, and i have yet to find my best bet. so i decided to draw a little mindmap (in case i get lost and overlooked at some details).

the contender was pretty easy at first, but as i dwell into the inner secrets and technical review as well as user's ive come up with the following conclusion. things to look forward to, below 2K, WIFI, MSOffice Editing, Browsing, Qwerty interface or touch pad.

1. Sony Ericsson - P990i: they say it is the best. it cost about RM1k++ has wifi, 3G, browser and many more. it looks rugged and means business but it has memory drainage problem. 64MB for RAM is old fashioned. can only view MSoffice.

2. SonyEricsson - P1: now the brother wants to kick ass but too bad, has the same leaky memory problem although shipped with 128MB RAM. it may work well in a few months time, after that, it gets complicated. its shipped with bugs from the predecessor. can only VIEW MSoffice. Priced at RM1.8K

3. Nokia - e61: I've been on and off nokia since the 3310, but i always go back SE as my solace. the good: qwerty keyboard, wifi, big screen, very stable, highly recommended. the bad: no touchy screen =( almost impossible to drive and type sms. a tag of RM1.6k

4. Dopod - 818Pro: very old fashioned hardware. its 3 years since its launch, so dont expect dopod to do something about the battery. everything can, except no 3G. looks girly though RM1.6k

5. Dopod - M700: the slimmest design. everything in except for 3G connectivity. users allover asia are very well satisfied with this phone. RM1.6k

6. Nokia - 9300i: the meanest contender for today, a communicator. does everything, but no 3G and touchy screen. its humongous. wont fit in your back pocket. and when you're talking on the phone, it looks like youre holding your shoe next to your face. nevertheless, highly rated for on-the-go peeps. RM1.2k

ah.. this is the sad part. as much as i would like to defy the significance of a bmw and a merc, id go for audi anyday. same as today, id go back to SEk750 anyday. why? you can accidentally throw out of the window when making u turns (it still works like charm), never hangs, leave at shop and buy a new one (its cheap), excellent photo, reliable buddy and best of all, its sturdy. good for the likes of me, throwing everything at the wall when in vain.

The Bet
if i dont have a clear decision, i wont recommend anything to my friends. so guys, looks like we're in for a long wait. or.. lets just use the money to fly to thai?

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