Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why 3G is Not Important, But Also Important

we've been stressed out by our local telco. cheap lah this plan. ours only 15 cent. this telco cheat people. i mean wtf? marketing is not about brushing people off your shoulder. heck i know, i can sell RM1 per minute and still get subscribers. why? thats for business students to answer, im just making that one up ;)

anyway, there's this thing called 3G, is it good? how so? well.. let me just.. on the fly.


  • for org pekak/bisu to communicate via video call
  • for business or anyone to stay connected (internet)
  • for freakshow - so that we could position ourselves on the globe (tell me about it..)
  • tu je kot?
Not Important
  • introduces cost to telcos, which in return we pay for the service and hardware by slow falling of telco services rates.
  • introduces cost to MCMC, we paid tax right.. so thats where our money went.
  • we have EDGE. people say edge its slower, wrong! although EDGE has lower bandwidth compared to 3G, its still outperforms 3G anyday.
  • yehaa we have 3G too. crap.. fix the goddamn tmnet first!
  • Go WiMax. often foreigners come to malaysia with lappies, and not 3G phones. they need connectivity for WiMax not 3G, dumbass. germans only use nokia3310! they only need to call and sms, for other things, they use a laptop!
  • klang valley has 3G, my house has too, but my room, NO.
  • penang has 3G, but the line connects and disconnects so often that i gave up using 3G
  • digi will not be approved to use 3G, thats why they are bombarding the nation with their cheaper plans. (correct me if im wrong)
  • 3G contributes to global warming. heat from 3G servers. video calls = shorter battery life = frequent charging = electricity = more charcoal burning. LOL
  • 3G contributes immoral acts. horny people phone-sex using 3G other than webcams.
  • 3G infrastructure is very slloooooooooooooooow. how long did it take to penetrate kelantan? 2 years? although known to be packed mase raye, still sluggish?
  • RM10million is needed per 3G tower (more or less). who gets the profit? spread out evenly? the company even declared loss at the end of the year.. gile ke ape?
ok la. mase utk bace samurai X ;)

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