Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Covenant, Witches with Artificial Balls

Stupid movie!

the co valance bond sounds rather interesting under the teaching of Mr Aladdin. ill rate this movie, read on

acting - sucks! casting based on what? macho? a couple of good looking kids with deep bassy voice? dude.. they sounded like alih suare cite korea kt msia. now, why waste millions on these kids? all of them are so fucked up
storyline - its a bit interesting, about witches and all. somehow i expect them to squeeze more juice out of their head
costum & vehicle - being spoilt brads, nice leather clad jackets. mustang gt? you kidding me? hideous! whats with these directors? characters must be rich, smart and handsome? hello, be realisitic sikit bole tak?
script - even english as my second language, i personally think i can do better
cinematography - just like malaysian, very naive.
strong points - nil
weak points - everything that has to do with the movie
overall stars - 0.5 stars out of 5

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