Monday, January 29, 2007

Flora Fest 2007(not CFF ok)

i woke at 645am. woke my lil bro up and left for others. iqhbal took quite sometime to dress up.(bukan nak pegi prom pon) and the bridge, beautiful eh? and no, this is not to revive the florist clan (from koleq)

some of the participating cars. sabah is my favorite. the fact that i have something against sabahan, i still chose sabah over others because of its detailed work. you should have seen it!

some pictures of us. it was friggin hot so we had the tourist hat on (foreigner likes our sun, unfortunately we kinda hate it). izrin, bibir merah, from states. kukubal, salah dress code, from spain. fadli, abg2 macho, from eire. edzrin, tourist from argentina. me, lembu gemok from german. dzuf, activist! from uk.

massive crowds. estimated 500,000 turned up. (i think)

fatboy slim blowing the trumpet off. performance from kepong school. showing off their shiny equipments.

oumura (japan) & me, i took her picture, she took mine. she smiled, i winked. comel gile jepun ni, rase nak cium je. lepak2 at the park. it was burning but nothing beats the exhaustion. then the family essence ;) (actually ade this fuckinglicious chick from indon in pink, hot beb)

some close up of the flowers we bought. ladybird cantik gile. thank God ixus65 played nicely.

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