Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Retired Captain

our beloved sulaiman house captain, finally jumped off the misery cruise company. all that are left are single bachelors on board. mixture of straight, gay and by. anyway skis, id like to congratulate you once more, congratulations on the wedding. may korg sustain sampai akhir hayat.

driving up from kepale batas to alor setar. 90kmh, super bored tp saving fuel punye pasal, terpakse la.

reached a.s. rendezvous at skis place. jach-are and un-ban came too.

akad nikah took place after asar. 1 lafaz, hebat. skis was calm but his voice was rather way too soft. i couldnt get it on the camcorder.

had high tea at biha's house. mee bandung sedap hell~

jach-are and un-ban had to carry the talam-talam thingy, me..? i just watch. haha (dasar pemalas) . reached skis house and he insist open table on him. ok bro, ill just eat. ordered the most expensive steak around. padan muke ko skis.. hahaha.

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