Monday, January 15, 2007

Why I Want To Marry a Doctor

I've posted in my previous blog that i wanted to marry a doc. Why? Well, reason as follows; (ill give it in point form so you wont yawn!)

1. i think tudong + baju kurung + white coat + stethoscope are the perfect combo for sexy.
2. she's gonna be on calls. so i have a lot of me time. kids, send to school.
3. i get to send kids to school.. (if i ever wake up that early)
4. i get to play with my toys (cars, fiberworks, computer games, ps2 etc).
5. i get to wait by door when she comes back ;)
6. my kids will be extra healthy
7. i will be extra healthy
8. i will have to give up smoking
9. i get to experiment bakeries and pastries
10. i can make 200k a year by staying at home (muahaha)
11. she can talk about something interesting other than engineering and business related
12. she cant talk much because she's tired
13. i get to drift at night (tokyo drifting at merdeka square!)
14. she know nuts that im drifting
15. she's paying for my car modification :D
16. i get to play the kinky nurse
17. i like having someone smarter than me
18. she's tired, she wont have command
19. i envy people who save lives and make a living out of it
20. i just have to marry one

what if i dont get one? well, if its fate, then let it be. im at least entitled to narrow down my search, right? btw its not because of dr House or greys anatomy.

however, there are some downsides. ive concluded.. so far.
1. i have to cook, do the laundry, clean the house, do the dishes, spank the kids etc housework
2. i have to prepare a text why im attending ceremonies by myself
3. people thinks my earning is from my wife (possibly true, hahaha)
4. people question my abilities (mentally esp)
5. during raya, i go back kampung as a bachelor with kids
6. i dont know how my wife's cooking tastes like
7. i sleep on my own arm (50-50 i think)
8. i have to subscribe box office @ astro or boxing or cricket
9. i accuse my wife cheating on me (abes greys anatomy je)
10. i can only smile when im lonely

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