Saturday, January 6, 2007

Spidey's Collision Can Kill

It just occurred to me when i was stuck in traffic. what was the momentum induced, when he (spiderman) swept someone of the street to save them. so here's a simple calculation to determine the momentum.

mgh= mv2/2
assuming spidey was 25 m from the ground at t=0 (initial time before he swings down), u=0 (velocity before he swings down). spidey = 67kg, enough for toby macguire.

mgh= 67kg x 9.8 x 25m = mv2/2
v = 22ms-1 = 79.2kmh-1
to get momentum = mv which is useless because we seldom use this parameter. just imagine being hit at nearly 80kmh.

ok im wrong about the calculation. it should be lower, because i didnt include elasticity of spidermans web, wind resistance, most importantly the pendulum equation. good luck to whoever spidey is saving because he/she will definitely end up with broken ribs or concussion at least

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