Thursday, May 3, 2007

OBW, a journey of friendship

Last weekend we revisited MCKK for OBW (old boys weekend)

Old Boys Weekend 2007
730 pm - pick up fqrl
815 pm - pick up fadli
845 pm - pick up izrin
915 pm - toll jln duta. (cant wait to arrive koleq)
945 pm - missed sg bulohs R&R, stopped at rawang. was equally good. teh-o for 70 cents?? we needed supplies, water and supplement (asam pikin) since we're goin all out singing
1200 am - out of breath, we arrived mckk. a lot of things have changed (obviously!)

100 am - eat at train station. marvelous mee goreng basah. they also had roti canai telor penyu? which was odd enough
200 am - time to sleep big day tomorrow (or today)
745 am - woke up, everyone is still sleeping, tido blk la...
1000 am - bfast at kaw kee, well known for pau and mee goreng basah. pau was as good as back then, the latter, toksah cite la ek.
1100 am - journey to sayong on sampan. the boat driver (whatever~) suggest we hike and see how labu sayong was made. it was fantastic. we learned a lot. also got ourselves some gifts. i got labu for myself.
100 pm - heading back to kuale. took pictures with lembu before that.
130 pm - lunch at yl, man it was full, moved to saudah and tasted awful. i guess we did acquire higher taste.
230 pm - back in koleq. we wanted to swim, but it rained.
345 pm - gears up, i went to play rugby for above 35 vs under 15.
600 pm - we won, i made 2 tries. both from running from a distance. i wanted a picture of myself struggling with kids 1/2 my age. but instead fadli took a picture of a cow being brought down by 5 kids.
645 pm - shower time!
900 pm - dinner. crappy like always. some things never change.
930 pm - concert. sounds crappy. left after the 3rd performance.
945 pm - in kuala kangsar making our tour
1100 pm - eat. food and service like crap. head back koleq.

100 am - most of us are flat. me, special case. i can only sleep at 3 in koleq. its just a habit.
300 am - the cow goes to sleep. finally.
645 am - subuh babe.. then tido balik
900 am - after being forced to wake up, i woke up.
930 am - had bfast at yl. egg on toast and kopi ais. yummy.
1000 am - watched present vs old boys. old boys won, 34 -0 i think(?) in my day, we only lost twice, vs vajiravudh (in thailand) and final premier. both lost was inevitable, our lineups was unfit/ injured.
1115 am - moh laa ke lemboh, minom cendoi. we did have our cendoi. yum too
100 pm - head back to kl.
530 pm - welcome back to reality.


asni said...

kenape kene amek gambar dgn lembu??? haha! comel lah!

Edwin Masripan, said...

seni, do not be fooled.

lembu = eddie

im fat as a cow. 2 sprints and im flat on the bench. talk about stamina..

asniloveschocolate said...

ooh??? haha! comel =)