Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Learning To Drive, Advance..

my big family are grease monkeys. cousins, siblings, unlces, as long as they have balls, they're into cars.

my eldest bro bought a 1989 Saga Knight Auto in 2002, passed to my younger bro and now my dads' pet. the car is probably priced at 5k or less. nonetheless he puts more than 10k modifying that piece of crap. new leather seats, suspension system, engine rebore, overhaul and many more.

i wouldnt say its a comfy ride (it feels like horse riding actually). knocking sound everywhere. but improved driving experience id say. the sound is sweet, klang-klang-klang like american muscle cars.

the Saga isnt for newbies. right foot on accelerator and left on brake, thats how you positioned your feet. when idle, you have to press lightly on the accelerator, so it wont stall. the idle RPM is at 300.

i have driven a testarossa, mid engine evo, rx7s, ford escort 84, R34 skyline and impreza s7, non require me to use both feet to drive, on normal road. which is good, i can finally mimic F1 driver :D

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