Monday, October 15, 2007

the Melancholy of Life

I had a drink with mache and riq, stumbled bagak and jea. chill night out.

i came back to search for my degree cert and i came across this book i wrote called, "the unspoken words". its basically a log book of 'sarr and me' s' problematic relationship. i logged every single time we fought.

3 years since i last wrote. she was right. we were never meant to be or rather i wasnt mature enough at time of our relationship. it saddens me how could i ever do the things i did to her. i was cruel, it was unbearable, it wasn't something to read as a bedtime story. i hurt her real bad.

so [ask me who is this], if you ever read this, im really sorry for what ever i did. i wish i can repay you in every sense. and i hope by keeping my distance between you and me would serve as my punishment.

when i look back, was it just an obsession or true love? i think its the latter. being so fuckingly hurt for the past few years, i yearn to believe, this is what they call karma. [ask me who is this], thanks for everything. enjoy your life. amin.

ps: i can write longer, but i think i have enough of back thread. its time to thrust my life forward. go eddie go.


Mlle Linie said...

haih.. some people just leave permanent prints in our hearts, don't they?

eddie, eddie....

STEFENO said...

True love......hhhmmmmmm...

Edwin Masripan, said...

ninie - yeah..

stefeno - ade hadis nabi ni, about unconditional love. but i forgot.