Wednesday, October 24, 2007 - Goes Web2.0

Part of my undying passion for web is Web2.0. What's cool about it, is that webmaster do less work, users work more. in the old days, it's the other way around. (programmers work more!)

anyway, somewhere mid of ramadhan, kahwin2u was hacked. i couldn't trace who did this, but i'm pretty sure it affected the whole server. i couldn't recover anything. it looked like scramble eggs thrown to the wall. *splat*

nothing really motivates me more than making a come back. so for the last 2-3 weeks or so (during raya), i started coding. i wanted it to be user oriented. the best way was to copy and the coding alone took roughly 17 days and the design under 1 day. packed with AJAX and PHP, i think i can proudly say that this is my best work so far (in terms of coding).

so interesting comment:
  1. the website dont look like a wedding site - agree. i have balls. i do not have feminine taste.
  2. can i pay to be in your directory? - err.. im already giving you for free, just link you articles in the website. you still want to pay?
  3. i wish to advertise, so how? - it was released less than a day. no proven result that it'll be successful. later2 i'll call back.
  4. copy cat! - ok. so if someone has a blogspot, then a friend followed his footpath, is that copy cat too?
  5. can you sell me the whole idea including domain and intellectual property? - errr... i did not documented anything. everything is in my head. maybe in a year or two, ill sell.
  6. how come aaa i have to register? - because i dont want spammers on my site la dumb ass.
  7. got inbox, can link to gmail or yahoomail? - NO. thats your Private Message box.
  8. what is digg, and stumbleupon? - press CTRL+L, type!

p/s: i am a year behind the world wide web. as for general malaysians, id say about 3 to 7 years. yikes!


Angelic Sinner said...

how come my comment is not classified as one of those interesting comments too? =(

black should be BLACK and is that gold?err tak interesting eh..

btw i dig the new one =)
berusaha ed!

Edwin Masripan, said...

er.. black for wedding? i know la i pasang my chem mase my brothers wedding. takkan nak black gak kot?

sadly, i couldnt find the right color for gold. so i settled for yellow orangy.

thanks ;)

the banker said...

bloody hell, kena hack?

either someone had too much time on their hands or ur proving to be too much of a competition.

anyway, beef up the security bro!

Edwin Masripan, said...


too much of a competition? haha. it was nothing compared to other high traffic sites.

the new one is built with air-tight security. if this pon hack, then i think i should trace whos the dalang. and you know, balas dendam. slam!