Friday, October 26, 2007

Saman Polis

mom, they're restless thinking that their son will be put to jail if he fails to pay all the compound issued. thats my mom..

i have 12 traffic compounds. lets do some math. minimum is RM150, max is RM300.
4 x RM 300 = RM1,200
8 x RM 150 = RM1,200
thats RM2,400 in total!

these offenses include maniac driving, speeding, parking fines, faulty 3rd light and my personal favorite, driving without license. btw, i was never caught doing 180kmh. funny.. only silly ones i couldn't escape.

i paid my visit to Balai Polis Traffic Ampang. the officers were really nice! that was the biggest surprise. he asked,"are you sure you want to pay all this?". "of course!", i replied, can i even argue? i brought cash (mom funded 1k). RM 1120 please, he asked. what?? i got an instant discount? i happily paid for my silly mistakes ;)

thank you officer hamdan. next time, i treat you karaoke (with or without chicken)! hahaha


Mohd Imrilqis Suhaimee said...

hahaha pengguna jalanraya tak bertanggungjawab betul ko nih...

btw, its usually like that...last time, i wanted to pay my bil tertunggak for was about 800 something....i said that i wanted to clear it all, so she gave me a 40% discount...hahaha...aku bawak rm1000 masa tuh just to bayar that, and maybe some denda....instead, aku dapat balik more than 500 hahaha...apalagi, terus enjoy...pegi kedai ikan beli akuarium kaca baik punya untuk ikan laga aku.. :P

Edwin Masripan, said...

sbb bertanggung jawab la aku bayar.

next up.. road tax. hahaha