Tuesday, October 30, 2007

About a Girl

There's a beautiful girl,
who'd called in the middle of the night asking me to marry her.

There's a classy girl,
who'd call me and bitch about everything, daily.

There's a fan girl,
who'd email/call me asking what's my next project.

There's a liberal girl,
who'd invite me to some drinking party.

There's a government girl,
who'd tell me, i should run a political campaign and promote peace.

There's also an 18 year old designer girl,
who drew me in tux and telling me this is how i should dress up everyday.

The last, sexy chinese girl,
wants to go out on a date.

sorry girls, i just dont have feelings for any of you. im neither gay nor by. im just not in the mood.

The medic girls,
I called them thousands of time, non are interested.. HahHaha


Angelic Sinner said...

he is gay, girls! trust me..
i hope none of them have the access to ur blog..ouch sakit lah kalau bace..dont be too mean sweetie ;p

anyway i nvr heard abt some of them.
bagus-bagus..bole jadi bedtime story nnt.

Edwin Masripan, said...

ade je mase nak kenekan org ek?

i dont think they read my blog la. some maybe i miss interpret signal. so kalau dh tersalah budget tu, go with the flow je la. haha.