Sunday, May 20, 2007

Broken Finger

yesterday was a typical weekend touch rugby game. we usually sweat our hearts out. as for me, im just one lazy winger. ill just stick to the line and when ever the ball reaches me, ill pass it back. no sprinting only slow jogging. but that day, i decided to burn extra calories.

i started chasing every loose ball n opponents. i was on fire. then came the kick-off. the ball was so high, that it lasted 6-8 secs in mid air. i was so eager to catch the ball, that i 'shu' people out of the way, "tepi-tepi, bola aku tu!". i reached the ball alright, sadly it knocked the tip of my pointy finger. "POP", the sound echoed the field. everybody stunned, i was on the ground, holding my finger close to my chest. "you ok eddie?". "yeah-yeah, go on without me". i crawled to the side line and layed down.

my finger felt weak. it was blue all over. its either sprained muscle or fractured bone. but that didnt stop me from playing. 5 mins later i was back on my feet. burning extra calories like i promised myself. after the game, i went to see a doc. he x-rayed and confirmed, that i fractured my finger. what a bummer.

i guess ill be at 90% of my typing speed for the rest of the week. (below 90%, middle finger has to type two things now.)

thank God i have NAC on monday and tuesday. that'll ease my finger.

ps: susah laa nak cebuk.

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