Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Girls Night Out

yesterday i went out with my tkc friends in kepong, part of the dialog was,

eddie: carrefour is on my left, jusco is on my right so where do i go ?
N: hold on, no i cant imagine! take it this way, once you see kfc, you'll see a stretch of road.

eddie: oh? i can see a number of roads from here. so which is which?
goodness heaven. N, you should get "Dummies Guide to Giving Direction". i highly doubt they have it on shelf though. seriously you need to learn giving PROPER direction. the way to S's house is easy, you made it difficult. hehe, jgn marah

anyway, they're one fantastic bunch of people id say. there were, S (who's getting married this weekend, congrats!), N (some teacher), A (a tutor in pahang) and S (utm kl grad). we laughed and made fun of each other (biase la tu). not to forget making fun of others too (ni N mmg pakar). i had fun and a pleasant time. Great seeing you girls ;)

reached home 15minutes to 1am and noticed i have tonnes of work to do! stayed up till 5am. time flies. i woke at 830am. i miss my sleep, (which i dont get very often these days)


'N' the direction dummy said...

The feeling's mutual!
Glad you insisted on the meeting..

Edwin Masripan, said...

me insisted? ok la.

its not often dapat ko kt kl.

asni said...

yeah. seronok dapat jumpe eddie yang pakai tie smpi malam. and bawak backpack and pin rambut kat tepi. comel. =)

Edwin Masripan, said...

saya jual kerepek. mcm2 jenis ade. haha