Saturday, May 26, 2007 dead link!

as expected, is finally down after a year running. so what has is it achieved?
  1. forum - interact minds, sharing stories, funny thoughts, prank and many more.
  2. event manager - shares upcoming events .wedding, futsal session, etc.
  3. chatbox - 5 mins off after hours of work.
  4. email - email. talk about highlighting!
  5. news - post on latest news about mckk, the batch and whatever related.
guess that pretty much sums everything up. next version would be on joomla! why? because it a whole new thing and i like changes. this time, it'll be jammed with features. eye popping tu sudah pasti!


croom said...

jom joomla.. heheh

fadh said...

so when is the new site going to be launch? soon I hope..

just wanna promote my blog

Edwin Masripan, said...

when huh? maybe end of the week. or next week. or whenever im free. no kidding..sorry