Thursday, May 17, 2007

Broken Man

I want to scream, until no sound comes out and you've learned your lesson.

I wanna run, but only far enough to make you miss me.

I took one big step and I looked away
And then I thought of all the things that I wanted to say
I'm always too late
You never got your story straight
I'm always up late
I think I'm everything you hate

I won't let you bring me down
It's here and now, I'm breaking out
I will learn to love again
But I will stand a broken man
this is a song by Boys Like Girls, Broken Man. For all those broken hearted, this is a tribute for you guys.


asni said...

anda smoke kah? janganlah,abah asni terpakse undergo operation akibat smoking... =(

ooh tyn! lame sungguh tidak berbual dengan beliau! =)

♥fizzy♥ said...




Edwin Masripan, said...

seni, thanks for the advise. believe me, i know every possible threat n penyakit sbb smoking. one day ill stop. but that will be for myself. not on anyones account.

fizz? ko broken hearted ke? cheer up, we still have friends to pick us up. in need? just ring me ok.

*fizzy* said...

it's not that..
i'm not.
[how can my heart broke when i wasn't even in love?]

something about this entry/pics laa.

la la la~