Friday, September 28, 2007

Coffee Anyone?

to this day, i never knew coffee really well. i only like double espresso (not available in Malaysia [i think?]) and caffe mocha. this chart pretty much sums it up.


the banker said...

very helpful. baru la x nampak bell sgt x tahu cafe breve tuh ape..haha

kidd said...

hurm, why bother with these complications introduced by outsiders, while we better crossed our feet, sipping a hot cuppa Alicafe.

just my two cents which never dropped into Starbucks' or Coffee Bean's money registers.=)

Edwin Masripan, said...

fqrl - aku tak pernah rase breve

kidd - its called californiacation. did you know that your kidney is working really hard when you drink alicafe? what does your urine smell tells you? bau sebijik? haaa.. google it.