Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Boring Time

My Top 10 boring to do list. Not in order though.

1 - nose-picking, hygienic reasons ok.
2 - kick my fat cat. (his name is comel) yes, very cute and adorable but also very lazy.
3 - start an LED + circuit project and decided to ditch after figuring out 'its too easy la bro'.
4 - wash my hands every 5 mins (i always think i have my nose crap on my fingers)
5 - crack a software. this may sound.. WOW, a cracker! but i only do basic algorithm. im not a guy from Die Hard 4.0 or sword fish
6 - nulled a script. most scripts you purchase online has this feature of anti hack or so. it takes hours but once you know to get around, you'd go 'man, this should only take 3 mins!'
7 - chase the cat next door. since my cat is cute and lazy, i chase other cats. theyre not good looking but very enthusiastic.
8 - iron my work shirt even though my official office attire is a singlet and shorts
9 - lay and roll allover the bed and screaming as if im being sodomized.
10 - wrestle my younger bro until he cries or says ,'yes, you are my master.'