Monday, September 24, 2007

Too Far Gone

Please speak slowly
My heart is learning
Teach me heartache
Stop this burning now
this is a great song by all american rejects. you can google it.

fasting is tiring (yeah even though i dont go to work anymore). last weekend i had my chance at beriyani batu pahat. 5 helpings ok. sure did conflict with my diet. they're the best =) yum.

i have forwarded a few proposal this week, surprisingly all malays. what i hate most about my race is, they would take my proposal and ask someone to quote them according to what ive drawn out. thats sick! of course you can get lower price that way. i put my heart and head into it. i expect them to at least ditch the proposal if they disagree. how do i know this? because the guy who got the job, asked for my help in some coding. no hard feelings, we all are raking everything we got nowadays. oh boy i wish i could 'luku' this 'bunch' of people. sungguh unethical.


the banker said...

bro, maybe u dt deal with bangsa lain much kot, but what u said is a very generic scenario lah, has nothing to do with race. it's just a case of trying to get the best out of ur money, can u blame them?

Edwin Masripan, said...

generic? no way. it is a racial problem. i have dealt with non-malays without ever meeting them.

i dont bs without facts to support me. ni stats so far (success rate)
indian - 100% of 1
caucassian - 100% of 1
chinese - 75% of 4
malay - 25% of 12

i dont mind if they do not wish to engage me, just tell me and dump my proposal. dont go around my back showing others my proposal to get a better price. im not selling a product here (where the specs is the same), instead a service (varies a lot).sungguh unethical. rase nak pang je.

the banker said...

ethics mean shit in business, everyone knows that. that's y there's auditors and whatnot. by the look of ur stats, they're very skewed lah kan. pool kau very limited and a huge piece of the pie are malays.

aku bukan nk defend sgt malays, but i work with chinese like 80% of the time and the same thing happens. even expats pon do the same thing. at the end of the day, money is money. take a smaller scheme of things lah, kau nk beli brg kau gi one shop n get a quote. u go to the next shop n u quote the last shop's price to force them to compete. it's basic economics..

Edwin Masripan, said...

oh come on la bro. services cannot be compare with one another. its not like tawar menawar phone kt lowyat.

like i said in my post, SURPRISINGLY ALL MALAY (lately) and statistics aku base on that la. takkan nak buat future prediction plak kan? plus the 2 malays yg aku tak dapat, their provider asked for my help and willing to pay as long as i can do some part of it. which is stupid la kan?

anyone in business can remain unethical, not me. i want to ensure what i get is 100% halal and both party happy. if tadak business takpe, balik rumah, bentang sejadah doa~

im writing to express my grief not to argue about malay or ethics or economy. you have your way, i have mine.