Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Losing Weight 10kg Naturally

lets stick to my norm about noktahhitam, its all ABOUT ME.

i have a friend who weighs over 100kg but now he's down to 70 plus kg. losing 30% in about 6 months, naturally. how is that possible? eating right and working out. continue reading..

Eating Right

  • no carb means NO CARB. carbohydrate comes in many flavors, bread, rice, noodles, spaghetti etc. just avoid all of them. yes, ALL. i know for malays its hard to resist the tender substance of rice. yumm~
  • start with protein. these will be chickens, beef and fish. dont over do! eating a whole grill chicken is equivalent to 2 serving of rice. so be moderate.
  • diet means you dont have to starve to lose weight. instead of eating 3 meals a day, split into 5. this will increase your metabolism hence burn more fat, even when youre walking.
  • get more from veggies. the bitter taste doesnt really go well with everything. but you'll learn to like it.
  • no oil, no cholesterol, no SUGAR. its a drastic change, im still not accustomed to it.
  • cooking - grill, steam & raw. boiling and frying is meaningless.
remember, eat to live not live to eat.

Working Out
  • no time to work out? same here. its just an excuse everybody makes.
  • high & quick reps, light weight dumbbells - for the fat and obese
  • low & slow reps, heavy weight dumbbells - fairly important when toning muscles
  • run. start off with 1km per day, increase 500m weekly, you dont want to shock your body. in 3 months time, you'll be able to run 10km like nothing. i guarantee.
FAQs of Eating Right and Working Out
  1. any side effects from avoiding carb? yes. you will hurt your kidney. meat causes your kidney to work harder. but who said this diet plan is for a lifetime?
  2. how long will i see effect? 3 months minimum.
  3. will i grow muscle? men yes, female no. female dont produce testosterone as much as guys. sometimes your 'bat wings' grow bigger because your muscle is pushing your fat out. in 3 months, it will reduce.
  4. how much will i lose? depending on the diet. if you are strict and on daily basis, you can lose upto 20%.
  5. why do i yawn when i work out? your fat is burning and its telling your body, 'this is not right, please stop'. since fat is unwanted, go to hell with whatever it says.
  6. i cant afford to eat western everyday! dont lose weight then. do it when you have enough cash to sustain your lifestyle.
  7. is this something you created yourself? sadly no. its a compilation of methods, the "eating right method"credit goes to mache.
  8. how sure are you about this? i tried and lost 10kgs in 2 months.
  9. are you a qualified dietitian? nope. but i did learn biology ;p
  10. why do you want to lose weight? i want to run faster.
thats about it ;)

i need new wardrobes! im down to 30-31 inch from 35 inch.


kidd said...

ahahaha, somehow i knew that this will have mache involved in it. fqrl told me, but still didn't have the opportunity to witness the visual proof. but credit to mache nonetheless.

Edwin Masripan, said...

super slim, except for the flappy part. will take months or years to get it tone. much2 better than getting lipo

The Banker said...

it will take years kot..at least the hard part is out of the way..flabs tuh xleh nk buat ape dahh..exercise je la, fill it in with muscles..

pose nih aku mengamalkan moderation, trying to lose 5kg..aku 2kg above ideal weight siot, damn.