Tuesday, September 11, 2007


im thinking of buying my own domain. i remembered last time, i bought lamanku.com. i wanted to save for my bigger project. now i cant buy it anymore. some bugger from US parked the domain... siol.

i plan to write about my thoughts on latest issues and share some tips & tricks about computing and web.

well, its just a thought.


Angelic Sinner said...

do it!


kidd said...

teruskan. lagi banyak benda bole ketuk,tampal,korek & pakukan. go selfhosting!

Edwin Masripan, said...

kidd, aku dh byk sgt website. plus, kalau nak ketuk2 tu, baik pakai xampp je.

kidd said...

have so little knowledge bout this xampp stuff..but i'll try dig in. kot² dpt valuable experience.

iCalvyn said...

so any new domain planning to buy in the near future?