Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Brothers Wedding Reception

me and akmal. ready...snap!

"i have a business preposition..."

"pengapit" needs his time off too.

the ever cheerful, enthusiastic and adorable youngest brother. "how will we know if she (wife) is the right one?"."easy, just point and shoot. you know like counter strike.."."ah, tipu la abg wewin."

just a thought.. when will be mine? God knows best.

i had to cancel 3 weddings just to be insulted, which came from my boss. i was so pissed and left the scene. of course the favorite question pops up from my uncle, "bile CEO nak kawen?". i replied with a question, when is yours (second wife)? do they really have to ask, when the answer is quite obvious? if i have one, i'll announce. if not, then its obvious. duh!


♥fizzy♥ said...

Enche Edwin,
I've uploaded some of Asni's wedding photos.
Take a peek~

errrmm, I think it's still early for guys to be married around our age.
27-30 sesuai kot..
Just my POV.

fadhlullah said...

macam situasi aku je bro...
"hang bila nak kawin?"
"hang nak kena pukul?"