Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Blues

Shit happens.

this morning i woke up with only 1 thing in mind to do before i start my day, i need a quick stop at any petronas. i started geni's engine, waited a while then drove off. half way out of my housing area, my car stalled. shit! i ran out of fuel! i should've made my stop the night before. i had to walk (again) to a local gas station.

no one can urinate for 2 liters plus.


slow and steady, you wouldn't want spill this urine.

2nd bottle in. yum2~

vroom vroooom


asni said...

oh? asni pon kene carefullah mcm ni. takde stamina nak jalan all the way to the gas station. heh

Edwin Masripan, said...

semue org kene careful.

bile pk balik, kelakar la jugak bole habes myk plak.

*fizzy* said...

Guess being a woman pays, lah..
Tak sampai "E" lagi dah gelabah nak pegi gas station.

Edwin Masripan, said...

kadang2 kereta lame2 before sampai E pon dh stalled.

nak buat camne, dh name sayang kan

nurnana said...

sediakn payung sebelum hujan..